Used SS Integrated for classical music under $500

Hi. I currently have a back up amp- a Dared VP-20 tube amp. I am planning to sell it and uses the money to buy a SS integrated amp for my family.

My family likes to hear classical music, so I am planning to build a system for them. I have some "spare" components for them already. But I don't think a tube amp is a good idea for them because they probably will forget to turn it off...

The rest of the system:
- a Toshiba SD-4900 CD/DVD player
- Paradigm 3seMK3 monitor or Paradigm Atom
- Audioquest sidewinder IC
- Onix speaker cable

Can you recommend any used SS integrated amp for them
- great for classical music
- fit well with the rest of the system
- it will be in a small room, so it doesn't need to be powerful
- reliable
- and if it has a remote then it will be great. not really a requirement though.

The budget will be around the used price of the Dared tube amp (around 400?) or up until $500. Or where can I trade the Dared tube amp to a SS amp (to simplify the selling and buying process)?


Searched around a bit and found the following:

Sugden A48b
Roksan Kandy MkIII
Rega Mira 200
Audio Refinement Complete integrated
Arcam Delta 290 or Alpha 9

But I don't know if any of them will be better in classical than the others. Can you all help?

Audio Refinement Complete will be an excellent choice. I own one, and enjoy it immensely. Its a steal of an amp.
Good choices listed so far. I've owned the Audio Refinement Complete and think it is an excellent choice. I'm currently using the Roksan Kandy III, if you find it in your price range don't hesitate for a second.
try tandberg
I have listened to a couple of Rotel integrated amps at dealers in the last few months. For the price you are looking for and for a match with your other pieces I think they will be hard to beat. There are a few to pick from here on Audiogon. No, I am not selling one, nor do I know any one of the people who are.