Used speakers: Cleaning tips?

Hello all,

Just bought a pair of dealer demo speakers with a rosenut real wood finish. Really nice but they have dealer dust and could look better.
I have worked with wood in my life so I am not shy, but I don't want to mess up the finish in the event I want to sell them to upgrade.
Any tips will be appreciated.
What is dealer dust? Is it different from customer dust?
Yes, dealer dust is just plain dirt where customer dust assuming you are talking about a persons home is mostly dead skin.
No offense intended, but how is this helpful? ;-P
Here are some suggestions that I have picked up from other threads on this subject. The comments are not mine.

Howards Wax-N-Feed
-Formby’s (long-time favorite handed down from my mom, the antique collector)
-Orange Glow (new stuff, relatively, that seems to work well)

Try a soft paint brush
Soft brush would be fine for the cones and try some of the better furniture cleaners and polish out there. Really not a hard task and very enjoyable.
I have been using Pledge Dust and Allergen brand dry cloths. They come in a plastic bag like pak of 16 and claim to "grab and remove dust and allergens, a dry eloctrostatic cloth" They have been easier and more effective than using a more conventional cloth and spray product. They leave no chemical residue -just work magnetic like, on dust. I shake them off after use and they last for a few days without problems. I have even used them on a record rather than a brush. I can't remember the price but I will not be without these from now on, very handy.
Why thank you!
Will get some Formby's, Pledge cloths and a soft brush for cones is a great idea!
The Murphy's Oil Soap is a wonderful cleaner. I bought some used speakers a bit ago and tried cleaning them first with Kleen Gaurd. The Kleen Gaurd was making matters worse. My wife got out the Murphy's Oil Soap; what a difference.
I have a pair of the original Linn SARA speakers in real Rosewood and tried just about everything out there. Some things worked okay and others didn't really seem to do anything, (good or bad). Then I tried the Murphy's Oil Soap with ORANGE oil and they look like new now. WONDERFUL stuff.
Lots of woodworkers use automotive products like those made by Meguiar's to finish fine furniture. The Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Swirl Removers both clean and polish, and for lack of a better term, come in different grit grades. They're easy to work with and I especially like the Meguiar wax.
Be very careful using the automotive type cleansers and compounds. Many are rubbing compounds that break down the actual finish and stain and can make a mess of your finish in short order. I would only use them in a severely oxidized finish were products that are meant for wood were not effective. Always test on the bottom of the speaker, out of sight, just in case.
Murphy's oil soap with orange oil is great.
Cleans, soaks in and nourishes the wood, it evaporates.
The finish on the speakers is left smooth and clean.
Thanks everybody.