Used speakers $7,000-$10,000

Seems that the question keeps coming back often. What is/would be your top 3 choices (no specific order)in that price range - gently used and Agon prices - and what partnering pre and amp you would go with?

Based on my auditions (never owned any unfortunately!):

Avalon Opus (tube pre, SS amp)
Fidelio Parsifal (SS pre, tube amp)
Tyler Woodmere (tube, tube)
aerial 20t mark levinson
magnepan 20.1 vtl
martin logan cls II atma-sphere/aestheix
avantgarde duo 300 b/se of your choice integrated.
I would own all 4 simultaneously if I could.
Gregadd: Aerial 20t seem to be a forgotten gem as not so many ever discuss it but those who do are really in love with it. How do they sound (or comparable to)? this is one brand I never auditioned and never saw on display/tradeshows here in Montreal.
I am a fan of the whole line. Neutral full range speaker. Two pair for sale here on audiogon. My opinon is nuetral speakers just don't get much buzz. Also may be some Canadian speakers with similar sound.
When threads like this one come up, I would always recommend, if you have the room and quality power; to go with the Maggies-20.1s. I owned Maggies years ago, and missed them (still do just a tad, but I wouldn't buy them) until now. I have only owned the Zucable Definitions 1.5 for three weeks, but I'm hooked. Less than $10k brand spanking new. 101db, which makes SET tubes possible--oolala, no crossover, small footprint, and money back guarantee you cannot beat with a stick, and service to die for. And you have a bunch of color choices, so the WAF goes way up. Very addictive sound especially with tubes. warren :)
Andra Eggelston I,Art audio pre tube, Bat 500 amp with
back pack.
tyler woodmere's with levinson 336(power amp) first sound mark 11(pre) It has been a long process of upgrade and change but this is the finest sound that I have ever owned.
I can't say enough about the woodmere's
I have seen, on a couple of occasions only, the Avalon Eidolons for $10,000. (Rarely, but it does happen.) These are some of the finest speakers I have heard. They need the best in electronics, but for MY money, they win everytime.

The Eidolons clearly beat out the Avalon Opus. (I just never could like the sound of those downward firing woofers on the Opus. Never seemed to sound quite right to my ears.)

As far as electronics, I would use what I am using now. An Ayre K-1xe, w/phono boards (used price around $4,500) and a pair of Lamm M2.1 monoblocks (used price around $7,000).

Total cost of system = $21,500

(That is my top choice, period. No second or third choice necessary for me!! Care to guess what speaker I am going to buy next?)
I know this might initially sound stupid, but there's a pair of Sony SS-M9ed for sale here. Check out some of the reviews. If I had the money I'd buy them.

They never got the respect they deserve because of the 'Sony' label. They were US designed and US built, and Sony put a TON of money into the design and execution.

This is not the earlier SS-M9es, but it has the newer drivers, crossover, cabinet finish, and super tweeter.
Kurt tank, I do not disagree that if you can fit the Eidolons in that price range, then I would go for them too!
Uppermidfo is right,
The best deal on a pair of speakers on Audiogon right now is Long Ho's pair of Sony SS M9ED speakers. I own a pair also and this is a reference level speaker which is easily as good as any other $20k pair out there. New these were underpriced at $16k. People just need to get over the name and pretend they're Wilsons. I've never regretted owning mine and I've heard a lot of the big names.
But it doesn't matter as audiofools will turn up their noses and miss a screaming opportunity.
Vandersteen 5's, Eggleston Andra and the new ML Summit are other favorites of mine.

For that matter, if you ever found a pair of the SS M9es speakers, they're equally a fantastic bargain.
Didn't Stereophile rate those Sony speakers with the best of the best at one time?...It's been a while, I could be wrong.

These were designed for SACD and they are indeed exceptional speakers. Phillips/Sony had a demo booth of SACD multi-channel with these speakers at the 2000 and 2001 AES conventions.

I am not sure why they dropped the production of these great speakers... I only know that in 2002 and 2003 AES conventions Phillips/Sony switched to using ATC speakers for SACD multi-channel demos.

Probably a big company like Sony could not justify selling only a handful of speakers a year (this is a very very small market at such high prices and high quality).
Dave, you're right.
The SS M9ES speakers were borderline Class A and the SS M9ED are a Class A reference speaker, competitive with the rest of the reasonably priced class A speakers.
Rarely, the OLD, 3 box version of the Audio Physic Caldera comes up used. Phenomenal sound, imo. Within the last few months a pair was for sale on Audiogon for ABOUT 10,000. Audio Physic Avanti III's have been highly praised, but I've not heard them. Would try them out first with the Odyssey Stratos Extreme monoblock amps and Tempest Extreme preamp that I already own.
Tyler Acoustics Woodmere, McIntosh XRT-28, VonSchweikert DB99.

From personal experience I won’t give a 2nd or 3rd choice but as a first choice I would consider a pair of Sound Lab full range electrostatics. I have noticed several available recently between 6-10K. Others are in a better position to recommend appropriate amplification but it should act as a good voltage source given the speaker’s high impedance.
Used or new Merlin VSM-MX with SuperBAM+. Among the finest speakers made, easy load for medium-powered tube amp, small footprint, and at the bottom of your price range.

Since you are asking I will mention JM Labs Alto Be with either tube or SS pre and ss amp(the more the merrier).Has all the glory of it's big brothers.