Used Speaker in the 15k range

   I'm looking to upgrade my speakers. Looking for a speaker in the 15k range. Shorlisted is Vandersteen Quatro, Devore 0/96, Used Wilson, and Joseph Audio Perspective. Used speakers are fine as well. Planning to upgrade my entire equipment.
So, what sound characteristics are you looking for and what’s most important to you?
Marten speakers are worth a listen new....check youtube vids...surreal sound. Op what country are you in ?? Salk jim is incredible value for money. He is a very nice and smart man. You can get new and be very very happy
You can get the monitor audio Platinum 300 brand new for 15,000 list. And it's much better than any of the speakers on your list.
i didn't see the op ask a question...  wish him/her good luck
Since you are looking to redo your whole system, why not take an holistic approach and go audition full systems? Some speakers works better with some amps and if you find a system with the sound you are looking for, then you can just buy that exact system. Going piece by piece is a lot of trial and error.