Used speaker for 5K

Hi, I’m looking for a used speaker in the 5k range for a 70 sqm room.
I do not want a new speaker because the break-in torture.
I listen to classical, ethnic and jazz only.
I’m looking for a speaker which is able to render naturally the matericity of the music instruments. Brass instruments have to sound like brass instruments i mean metallic. Strings have to sound sharp and the texture has to be rendered clearly even at lower regions. Voices have to breath and be airy. I know that the piano is difficult even from the recording point of view, so let’s forget it for the moment.
The sound stage has to be precise, big in orchestras and small in chamber music and with correct music instrument placement.
Aesthetically i would prefer to not see the speaker at all but since this is not possible i would like a discrete appearance. Size is not so important if the design is discete.
I do not play music very loud and i do not care to much about powerful bass. I only want to enjoy small to medium ensembles sounding lifelike.
The closest speaker i know that sounds like what I’m looking for are the old Dynaudio Contour 3.3; they only fail wen rendering the texture of the lower octaves of cellos, the texture is missing.
I have two alternative amplifications which i do not want to replace: Linn LK 240 monoblocks or a Krell 400xi.
Thanks for your ideas!

i think you would really like mid size proac floorstanders - d30r is the one i have, think they have newer 'refreshed' models out now - they image extremely well, almost electrostatic level of clarity and timbre/correctness of tone, very high level of coherence - unobtrusive form factor as well

i myself am also curious about the modern spendors, d7 d9 series, they too have the above qualities i believe, maybe with more warmth
Why must it be used? New Tekton Moabs are perfectly priced and impossible to beat without at least double the budget. As for break-in, read my review. They sound great right out of the box! Absolutely great. They do get even better, but only over a relatively short 50 hours or so, but the point is you spend zero time listening to speakers that "need to break in".

Compare that to the lifetime you will spend listening to speakers that are nowhere near as good if you buy anything else. Give Eric a call. It will take a couple months. It will be well worth the wait.
Thiel Audio or Vandersteen loudspeakers.
Happy Listening!

There’s a nice pair of Usher Dancer CP-8571 (with diamond tweeter) on eBay for $5580 that would excel in all the areas you’re looking for.  Best of luck. 
Moabs are just an ok speaker, many better speakers out there for equal or less money. The usher speakers mentioned above would blow the moabs out of the water. If you like the dynaudio brand, look at the totem model 1 signature, or the totem forest/hawk/wind speakers. Revel make some very good speakers for $2-$5k used. These better speakers will need good quality amplification to sound their best