Used Sony XA7ES Pricing?

What's the going price for a used Sony XA7ES cd player in good condition with box,remote,manuel? Granted it's a bit old but was highly reviewed in it's day. Question two, for it's used price point is it still worth it?
I sold mine about 3 years ago for around $750. It's an "ok" CDP, but I'm guessing you can do better in that price range for a newer model. Replacement parts may be an issue to consider as well.
Thank you Pderher. I keep looking at this model when it comes up used. My Denon DCD3300 is much older and now in service again hence the XA7ES question. I'm using a Rotel RCD1072 as my back up player now. And it sounds pretty good! I saw this Sony on ebay selling for much higher.
Thanks again.