used Revel Salon vs. used Wilson Watt Puppy6???

I have heard both speakers at two different dealers, with two different set-ups, amps, cables, cd player etc... They both sound fantastic in my opinion. I am wondering if anyone has done some head to head competition?
Please do not throw another speaker into the mix. I have decided on one of these.
Thanks Joey
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Hello, first let me say that what sounds the best is in the ear of who is listening but I have listened to them both in 1 day but never side by side.I have to wonder why so meny pairs of 6's are up for sale already? I am not a strong Wilson fan, I think they are overpriced. But to be fair, I must admit I own the Revel's, but I could have bought either one. I listened to the Revels with the Classe Omega at Overture and was so stunned that I went out and bought both. Listen and decide for yourself and if you decide on Revel's drop me a line. I can get you a pr. new that will blow your socks off!. PS: I do not work for Revel.
Good Luck either way1
I've experience with both fairly extensivel. Really, for all practical extents and purposes, they sound pretty darn simiar over all! you could build a great sound arround either However, one consideration would be what amps your using, or considering. The Watt Puppies I believe are more sensitive, and can be driven with modest tube power really. I think maybe the Revels would do solid state a bit better. Infact I like tubes better on Wilsons. However, when matched up correctly, my impression is still pretty similar between the two in sound. I don't think one speaker is going to, say, "transport you" better better than the other...they're both superb.
The reason so many 6's are up for sale is that the 7's are now coming out. A lot of folks just like the latest greatest. Plus add the fact that it's just a very popular speaker, so a lot are out in the marketplace...
I never heard the Wilsons, but I do own the Salon which is a great pair of speakers in my opinion, much better than the Revel Studios that I used to own. The Wilsons are not really that Amp friendly even tho they're rated at 91db sensitivity as shown in one of the Stereophile reviews. their impedance goes crazy up and down. The Salons are yielding great results with only a 150 watt rowland 10.

hope this helps!
I'm a fan of both Wilson's and Revel. Even with the W/P 6s selling used near $10K the revel will still be less expensive and will probably give you a little more bottom end. Unfortunately my view is that a brand new VMPS RM-40 beats them both in both sound quality and price, but is a little larger. I was blown away by the VMPS at the 2002 CES. Buy Wilson pricing they'd sell for twice the price of W/P.