Used Record Shows in San Francisco Bay Area...

Years ago, when I lived in Dallas, I periodically attended a used record show at the local convention center. Think of it as a flea market for LPs. There always seemed to be something interesting, and the prices were very low. Does anyone know of a similar kind of thing in the San Francisco Bay Area? The only outlets for LPs I'm aware of here are retail with HUGE prices.
Two places to check out for all your Vinyl needs are
Amoeba music and Rasputin records, they sell used and new LP.
They both have stores in Berkely and SF. Both these stores are as big as grocery stores! Prices are from 1.00 on up, I have purchased several hundred lp from both stores and have been pleased in how quiet they are reguarding noise. They get new stuff in daily so I go there at least once per week and always seem to find good stuff. Happy LP hunting!
how funny, I was asking myself the same thing, I used to go to the KUSF (college radio station) Rock and Swap. I went to their website and saw the last one was in late 2003 and there was nothing planned.

their is another radio station which may have them over in Los Gatos called KFJC, you may want to check them out.

there is a store called Vinyl Solution in San Mateo and I believe the owner puts together record shows, you can call the store and ask if anything is going on.

good luck, let me know, id like to go as well.
Rasputin also has a store in Fremont, at 880 and Mowry, in case you're in the south bay. There's loads of used LPs for 50cents each, but be prepared to spend some time as the majority are thrashed. They also have used CDs.
I've had about 30-40 LPs off them for less than $20, and this has allowed me to sample several new (old) bands and composers. I've also found a few classical boxed sets in perfect condition for $2-3 each.
Check out The Record Man in Redwood City on El Camino Real. Great Selection.
Forgot to mention, the Anolog room in San Jose. Someone had mention another store in the San Jose area but can't remember the name, anybody know?
The Analog Room is all new vinyl, I beleive.
No, the Analog Room has new and used vinyl. Prices are high, but quality good. Credit cards accepted but, without saying more, I advise cash.

Note: If you are one those people who does not like the smell of cigars or feels that they will shorten their lives through brief exposure to second-hand smoke, try another location.
Yes, one of several reasons to not set foot in that store.
No, at least not for me. :-) Perhaps your mileage varies, Drubin.
Oh, I just need an attitude adjustment. Or The Analog Room ownership does. Oh, hell, both of us do.
Thanks for all the suggestions. Turns out there's a Rasputin in San Jose too. I think I'll check it out this weekend. And when I said "The only outlets for LPs I'm aware of here are retail with HUGE prices," I was thinking of the Analog Room. Forgot about the cigars though.
Rasputin has eight stores but the ones in SF, Berkeley, San Leandro and Pleasant Hill sort all there groups but all the other ones just lump them altogether which makes for a long day, Amoeba has two stores, one in SF and one in Berkely next to Rasputin and I like Amoeba better, there quality is higher and better selection on just about everything. Good Finds!
The Fremont store just lowered prices for all used LPs from 50c to 25c. I found 10 LPs there yesterday ... about half of them are keepers after a good cleaning.

I'm using this as an opportunity to amass a huge collection of classical music. I'll work my way through it, and once I've found pieces I really like then if the LP is in poor shape I'll get a CD/SACD/DVDA of that piece.