Used Proac Response 3's or Paradigm v 3 60's?

I'm torn. I've heard a pair of Proac 3's (obviously used -- 19 years old, but all four re-foamed) and loved them. Then I heard a pair of Paradigm 60 v 3's and loved them as well. The problem is, they were both in "staged" environments, neither of which is like my listening environment or equipment, and neither of the sellers will let me demo them at home (jerks).

I'm not going to say how much I could get the Proac Response 3's for, but let's just say that, if you could get them cheaper than retail Paradigm 60's, would you? I feel like it's a fantastic deal, but I'm concerned I'd probably have to add more amperage to drive the beasts and they also take up quite a bit of space and who knows how much more "legs" they have. Versus the Paradigms which are efficient, crisp, and brand new. HELP!
Don't know how much the Paradigms cost, but anything less than, say, $1500 would be a hell of a bargain. I had the ProAcs for quite a while, liked them a lot, and discovered they LOVE low-powered tube amps. Great speakers. Good luck, Dave
I think I can get the guy to go 1300 on the Proac's, while they want 1900 for the Studio 60's (I'd hope to get him down a bit from there though). Given that, should I go with the Proac 3's? Is 120W into 8ohms enough for them? (I can bi-amp up to 240 if needed).
120 W is PLENTY of power for Response 3s. They have a very benign impedance curve and sounded great on a succession of SET tube amps (built by a friend of mine) whose power output was as little as 6 wpc. I started biamping mine, BTW, with Kimber 8TC and found that they sounded better -- quite a bit better -- single-wired with Mapleshade Golden Helix. Experimentation is the key. But assuming they're in decent shape, $1300 is an absolute steal.
go to the trading post at audio circles, there is an ex dealer selling a pair of vmps 626r for less than $1000 and there is a guy selling a pair of usher 6311's.
I heard the Proac Response 3's a long time ago and was extremely impressed. If you can get them for $1600 go for it.
i too like the proa acs. i heard them with passs labs amp and pre.

you may find them a bit lacking in bass extension.

for 1300 it's worth a shot, even if you decided to purchase a sub.