Used Preamp for $2000 to $3000

I am looking for used 2 channel preamp for my stereo system. I am using Pass X600 mono block, Speaker is Von Schweikert VR4 SR for the front, Sony SCD-1 for CD player. Please helps me to find used preamp for $2000 to $3000. Any input is welcome. Thanks a lot and have a nice day.
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Herron VTSP-1A/166, there's a little under $ 2,000.00. It's a great pre-amp!

You can buy a new Syrah (I guess its' replacement is the Chardonnay?) for that much (wait 6+ months) or a used Syrah or maybe Grange. The problem is usually finding them when the itch starts to itching...
Tube or Solid State?

What are you looking for feature and soundwise?
I have owned a couple of pre-amps in this range. Not nearly as many as some people on AudiogoN, but the one that has impressed me the most is the Klyne LX 7.5b. FWIW HiFi+ listed it as one of their products of the year two or three years ago.

I had a Krell pre-amp before the Klyne, and I found the Klyne to be far more musical. It did not have the level of detail the Krell had, but I'm not sure I hear that level of detail in live music.

There are lots of products out there, maybe a little more info about your preferences would be helpful too.
What pre-amp are you running now? Anything in particular you are looking for sonically or feature wise?

BAT gear seems to work rather well with Pass amps. My system is a baby version of yours (X150, VR2s) and have recently replaced a Pass X2 pre with a BAT VK3ix pre-amp with excellent results.
I am using Adcom GFP 750 for right now and want to upgrade it.
I like the Adcom, but sometime I feel like missing of something. Well I can't complain for the money I paid for it. Thanks for looking.
BAT VK-30 or stretch a bit and get a VK50. Both preamps are available here on the 'Gon (used) and in your price range. Can't go wrong with BAT
There's a couple of Thor T1000 linestage mk2 (upgraded ) for just over 3k. Great piece!
Rogue magnum 99 or McIntosh C2200. Both tube preamps with great dynamics, detail and realism. I've used both with VonSchweikert VR4JRs and they make the VS speakers sing. I currently have the C2200 and would not replace it for anything at any price.
Modwright ... 9.0 SE

Dan is a great man.

So many choices - you will get many opinions here. There probably will be many great combos.

I will only chant that:

"I LOVE A TUBED LINESTAGE" With or without a tubed amp. It made me a believer in about 30 seconds. I'm running a Levinson 23.5 and it brought it to life.

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For that price you can get a new Modwright SWL 9.0 SE (with Bybee and Blackgate upgrades) hybrid linestage.
It is incredibly open, quiet, transparent, dynamic and three dimensional. Rivals linestages costing far more. Check out the reviews at "6 Moons" and "Enjoy The Music."
Both writers bought the review unit.
I suggest the Tung Sol over the Jan Philips tubes.
How about Audio Research? Wonderfully musical gear and great upgrade paths.
You wont find a better pre than the Thor for $3000 and that is a sure thing. They are amazing and an outright steal for anything near $3000.
I cant immagine anything would sound better then the supratek syrah in the 2k the 3k I would go for the Hovland or CAT
Bat VK=3,VK-5,VK-30 or 30 SE would work well and be in your price range.I've used at least 10 (past 5 yrs.) preamps including Classe CP-50,Adcom 750,CJ 14& Premier 18LS,Rogue Magnum 99,Sonic Frontiers Line 1 & Line 1SE,Bel Canto Pre-1,and Ps Audio PCA-2.My current BAT 50 SE is by far the best(and a few of the others were quite good).The 50-SE features great user interface;is clean,quiet and dynamic.I've also heard the 31 SE and 51 SE at a friends house and been mightily impressed by both.My amp at this time is a Plinius 100 Mk.III which should be similar to the Pass.Just a note.The best value I have heard is the Consonance T-1(retail around $1500).Steve Monte at Quest for sound lent it to me while he was re-tubing my BAT.While not as absolutely quiet,it may have been more musical than my 50 SE.I prefer the BAT interface,but for pure Sonics the T-1 is hard to beat!!!
I second Krell_man, I also have a Herron VTSP-1A and if you can find one under $2K go for it! It's a great sounding, lively but neutral preamp.
How about a Asteix Clyspo if you can get your hands on one, just read some reviews. Or I also like the better AR.
I'm a little biased towards the Placette passive right now since I own one. You can get a brand new one for less than that. Call up Placette, Guy should be able to answer any of your questions. You have 30 days to try it out.
Joule Electra LA-150
Audio-Video Logic is selling a demo Pass X-1 ($2999) which would be a nice match for your Pass amp. Reno Hi-Fi has a factory reconditioned Pass X2.5 for $1750 -- also a nice match for your Pass amp. Good luck,
Aesthetix Calypso?
I second the Joule Electra, either the LA-150 or LA-100 MkIII. A couple used ones here now under $3k and $2k respectively. The LA-150 gives you greater dynamics and extension from top to bottom, but the LA-100 possesses a bit more of the tube sound and lushness I prefer.
I'll second the Herron VTSP-1a/166. Wonderful preamp for full price and a steal at its current used price of less than 2k.

I used to own the Joule-Electra LA-100 MkIII which is also an nice pre, albeit more lush sounding than real life and a bit lazy without the right power cord.

I'm hankering for the Herron VTSP-2.
I'm going to toss in my Chapter Audio Preface preamp that I recently put up for sale on Agon for $2900. I've owned a number of preamps including the Placette Active Linestage, Pass Labs X2.5, X-1, and a few others, and this 1.5 year old $8500 msrp unit edged out that competition performance-wise.

It also happens to be the most handsome preamp I've owned (if you're into that kind a' thing). Especially in the dark.

I'm selling only because I no longer need a preamp with my new APL 3910 (if it ever arrives).

Thanks for the opportunity to advertise for free. :)

First Sound Presence Deluxe? Super dynamic, quiet and absolutely transparent.