Used PreAmp around 1000

I have s turntable (Alphason Sonata, HR100 MCS arm and Garrott P87 MC cell. I already bought a Holborne little phono. Now I need a PteAmp.
I thought about Nuforce P9, CJ PV14 and VTL 2.5.
Which one is the best?
I habe a Job225 and ATC20SL.
Thank you for your guidance and commemts.
Maybe try a new Schiit Freya. I think mine sounds fabulous, and it's 700 bucks for a remote controlled fully balanced multi featured tube (or passive) preamp. 
The Wolf-Man beat me to the punch. Love my Freya. Highly recommended.
Thank you very much. Wow, looks good! Even two outputs! Ordered.
b_mueller OP
  Used PreAmp around 1000

+1 gazillion for a new Schiit Freya, no glitz, but it's got what it takes under the hood to do real damage to $$$K preamps.

Cheers George
Well, I'll go for the Schiit saga. I do not need balanced. I do
not mind coarser volume control compared to the Freya, neither do I need gain (Job225 has already 35 dB). Probably will get that 6SN7 CV-181-TII PSVANE upgrade tube with it
I agree that you don't need the gain. The Saga can be used passive or with tube buffer which adds 8dB gain I believe. Thinking about getting one myself.
I thought even with tubes there is no gain. However, it seems one has to take care of the grounding (ground to case connection).
I looked up the Saga specs, Schiit states a gain of 1 (0dB) for both passive and active use. Sorry. Maybe my recollection was for the Freya, will have to go back and look it up.