Used Pre - Ayre, Pass or Para JC2?

Just wondering what your thoughts were on these three possibilities. One feature I'm pretty sure I'll need is bypass.

I have the Parasound P7 and really like it, but I've also heard the Ayre gear and have been enthralled. Balanced in/outs a must.

I owned the Ayre KX-1 and KX-5 (Twenty) for a number of years. Both are terrific pre-amps however only the KX-5 does bypass and it does it very well as it adjusts the volume automatically and you can adjust the gain settings. The KX-5 also has balanced in and outs. 
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I had the Paramount JC2 a couple of years ago. Initially I thought it was good, but I quickly sold it. In my system it didn't provide details and open up the soundstage like I expected. I was going from a DAC straight into the amp.
Sorry, previous post should read: Parasound JC2.
The Ayre K1xe is about as good as you can get....even though its a bit long in the toothe. I was wondering what the need for bypass is.....the Ayre has a tape out setting....wouldn’t that suffice? Read the reviews of the Ayre unit....its really a wonderful preamp....and it will be trouble free for your grandchildren
Bypass is for integrating a HT processor. Bypass allows the HT Processor to take over volume for all 7.1 channels, though L and R continue to be routed through the 2 channel music preamp.
I'm very pleased with the sound I get with my JC 2 BP.  For stereo, it takes output from an Ayer C-5xeMP or JC 3 phono stage and outputs to a pair of JC 1 amps.  For multichannel, the front LR from a Bryston SP3 is passed through the JC 2 to the JC 1s.
I really like the audio refinement pre5 by YBA. All analog with lots of inputs, imaging and presence. I have an extra one for sale. 
Ayre and Pass generally thought to be a level above the parasound product which provides good value for the $. Both the ayre  and pass products are excellent and if cost is an issue both make great integrated amps.
I have a Pass XP-20 & it's excellent. Very clean, neutral & detailed. 
beyachad, I'm assuming you meant to say that you had a K-1x?  (Or was it upgraded to the 'evolution' [K-1xe]?)  I can't find a single instance online where someone has compared the K-1xe to the KX-5 Twenty.  I don't mean to hijack the op's thread, but it would be immensely helpful to hear even brief impressions of how they compare.  I'm looking to purchase a K-1xe with phono stage the next time I see one come up for sale, or a KX-5 Twenty.  Until recently I had the K-3x.
I used to own a Pass X-1..I Bought it used.
It was funny how much better I liked it than the Linn pre-amp it replaced.  The sound has tons of air, space, soundstage, and  detail while being very engaging. 

Subsequently have moved to an Pass XP-20... A great pre-amp.
If I were you, I'd get one to listen to.  Only way to know.

Reno hi-Fi has a used X-1 for $1895.. They'll let you use it and if you don't like it, send it back!!
Thanks for the responses eveyrone!  While I am interested, I'm still thinking up how my entire home entertainment center will turn out. I may be locked into the P7, if not financially, because of connectivity.

It's not bad at all, and gets highly praised, I was just wondering if things would get better. :)

I think before this I'll make some of my own silver/cotton balanced cables.  That's a much less expensive, and time consuming project.

I appreciate all the inputs!