Used McIntosh MX135 or Marantz 8802

Hi All,

First I'd like to Thank everyone for such a great and informative site! Thank You!

I'm looking to upgrade my Preamp/ HT. Currently I'm running a Rotel RSP1068 thru a Parasound Halo A31 (front channels) I have the ceiling mounted rear speakers running thru a Rotel 1070. Front Speakers are B&W 604 S3 and the Center is also a B&W... I also have an old JVC QL5 Record player running thru an old Beta 2 preamp...

The set was a trade for a nice Gibson SG I didn't play... So now I've got the Audio bug and I really am enjoying the sweet music. I listen to mostly music but do watch Movies as well...

I've seen a couple preamps that look promising for the 1000.00 to 1200.00 range...

I'm not worried about having HDMI ports as I currently send the Video signal straight to the TV and it seems just fine... Sound is more important to me...

Any thoughts or suggestions? Speakers would be the next thing on the list... I must say though it sound great to me now but I've not heard a great high-end system so I don't know if it would be a good move?

Any thoughts?

Please and Thanks!!!

For a mostly music and some HT application the McIntosh is a solid bet since it's primarily a pre amp with ht capability. In the unlikely event you hate the mx-135, most of the depreciation has already occurred and you'll get most if not all of your money back.
I've had the MX-120 (similar, but slightly newer than the 135) for years and have no regrets. These units offer tons of flexibility if not the latest and greatest video decoding capabilities.
If you're willing to double your budget, the Classe ssp-800 has a loyal following for its audio quality.
Thank You Yakbob!
I'm leaning towards the MX mostly because of the history but I've not heard one so nice to hear from a happy owner... Thank You for the info and suggestions I really appreciate the food for thought!!!
You're welcome, I'm happy to help.A couple notes on the McIntosh unit. Be sure the seller/shipper  uses the oem boxes and packaging.  The glass face is prone to breakage by carriers. Make sure it's insured and never chuck a McIntosh box in the trash.😁

Also, you'll need to send a video signal to your tv via composite, s-video, or RCA connection strictly for the on screen display menus. I only mention this as newer televisions are mainly equipped with HDMI inputs. It's easy enough to use a converter box if needed.

Thank You again Sir! much appreciated and great advise! Cheers!