Used Made in America amps - multichan under $1200?

Do true "made in USA" multichannel amps (used) exist under $1,200? I need to use 5 channels preferably
ati, acurus, aragon, emotiva, and outlaw immediately come to mind as affordable american made amp makers. the older, original five channel aragaon's are harder to come by and sell for more than $1200 used from what i recall.
Add B&K, Carver/Sunfire to the above list.
Might be able to find a used Coda or Legacy.
McIntosh 7106
EMOTIVA is not made here, and they're pretty blatant about it.

You may be able to find a Mac multichannel without meters in that price range.
Would you trust a Mac (for example 7106) that is over ten years old? Would you buy that over something more recent for the same $$$ vs the used Mac?
It depends on how much use it's had. Generally, 10 years old is no big deal, over 25 is when you need to start worrying about caps going bad, etc...

If it was me, I'd save a little more and wait for a Wyred 4 Sound multi-channel amp to pop up for sale. They're also made in the USA.
The McIntosh amp would be one in a small group that would show the least amount of wear. If you find it has a problem there are many repair shops that specialize in Mc.
scratch emotiva from the list then. thought there were usa made, guess i thought wrong.
2nd to Sunfire IMHO superior to Wyred ATI or B&K.

If you need more than 100watts
Get B&K
I think you could find Odyssey amps for under 1200 used.
ATI makes mult-channel amp and they are assembled in California. Several of them are on Audiogon for sale. I have a 1505 and have been happy with it. It is a solid piece of equipment.