Used M.Logans-What to look for?

Can someone advise me in what to look for when purchasing
a used pair of Martin Logan speakers? Thanks in advance for your most appreciated responses.
I'm not certain what you mean by "what to look for." I assume you know what they sound like since you want to purchase them. I assume you know that you need ample space (at least 4 - 5 feet) behind them and no rack or equipment between them. I assume you know that electrostatics need a fair amount of power to sound their best. If you want to know what models to buy, I really like the Prodigees. You see them for sale here about 6 times a year for around $6K - $7K. If you are looking for smaller ML's, the Arius are really sweet too.
Look for dust. If you see a lot of dust on the speakers it could be a problem down the road. Look for pin holes potentialy poked by an animal or child. Otherwise the are pretty rugged.
If you are buying SL3 or reQuest make sure you check the binding posts. They have a tendency to get lose inside. It may not be a big deal if you know how to open up the back cover and tighten them.
Be aware that these are 4 ohm speakers that dip below 2 ohms at 20k. You need a good amp that's power is rated at nearly double the 4 ohm load as it is for 8 ohms.

The younger the panels, the better.

Dust, smoke, humidity and pollen are a factor. I failed to maintain my Aerius I's last spring and the output from the panels was reduced to virtually nil. I vacuumed them with a household vacuum cleaner and output improved a bit. Lived with that for a week and then pulled out the 4.5hp shop vac and they came back to life. This is recommended in the manual and by Jim Powers at M/L via email. "vacuum them. The stronger the better." They are extremely durable.

I love mine but be prepared to spend alot of time getting them positioned properly.
I had Sequel II's several years ago and while the panel sound was to die for the sluggish bass (in comparison) drove me I sold them. Therefore, I'm told, get only the full range ML's like the CLS IIz...which are really the idea of stats in the first place. Better tuneful bass than out of whack 'bass'. OR, buy Quads!
I have several options through private owners near where I
live with the SL-3; the Ascent and an Aeon used and I just din't know what to look for to be sure that they are not
damaged in any way since I have no clue in these so called
"electrostatic" speakers. How do you tell the condition of
the diaphragms or the panels? By the way your inputs so far
have been very interesting and helpful and I thank you.
You don't need to "look" for anything. Nor can you tell about the condition of drivers of any speaker by looking. Trust your ears/take them home to listen with YOUR electronics (very important) and you'll know if you're a stat guy or not. I obviously am a stat guy because my humble Aerius i's (powered by Anthem MCA5 in a bad room) sounds great.

A good sub will eliminate the probs that were mentioned above. Good luck
I already know I'm a STAT guy. I have auditioned the ML's
for the first time a couple of weeks ago and fell in love
with their most life like sound. But I have read a few ads
where the seller admits that in some areas on the panel of their used ML's, the sound is much lower than other areas on the panel of the same speaker just to be honest in their
full disclosure and also another admiting that their speakes had new panels put on.
This obviously made me wonder if there is something I could
look for or listen for in order I don't come home with something I end up having to repair or replace. By the way, why would anyone need to change the panels of their ML's? Is this something that needs to be done when they get old and start fading in the sound in some areas on the panels?
From what I heard panels lifespan is only 8 to 9
years,after that you will change the panel.Mine
are quest,it will cost me $700 including shipping.
Just picked up a used but mint 99 model SL3's a couple of days ago. Thanks to you I've learned a few things about these speakers.