Used Linn sondek lp12 worth?

Hi guys,

It's been a lont time since I've last posted....and I would seriously need your help.

Well, for the first time of my life, I have decided to get into vinyls (and therefore consider myself a newbie) and might have an opportunity to get my hands on a used TT.

I could get a Linn sondek lp12 circa 1988 from one of my best friend's mother. It has the Valhalla power supply, a SME Series III tonearm and an AKG P8ES Supernova VDH II S  moving magnet cartridge.

The lp12 has received both a Trampoline 2 and cirkus upgrades in 2015 from a Linn dealer. Also the cartridge has been rebuilt with a new suspension and a new VDH shibata stylus, again in late 2015.

Overall condition is very very good.

My friend's mother is nearing 80 years-old and is struggling with serious health issues. She has therefore decided to part with (among other things) her lp12. No shipping would be needed as she lives 30 minutes from my place. I could pick her TT up personally. 

She wants 900$ for it. 

Now, I have absolutely NO IDEA what her TT is worth?

I have tried to search the Web on various audio sites to get an idea about the lp12's prices BUT they really are all over the place !!!

Should I go for it at 900$ and take the plunge ? Am I getting ripped off or is it the other way around (I wouldn't want to take advantage of her either)?

I want both her and me to settle for a fair price. What would be a reasonable $$ settlement? 

Hoping for your advices

Thank you very much for your help.

Sincere regards
Assuming this is USD then its a very good price especially with the upgrade and SME arm.

Thanks for the answer. Yep, 900$ U.S.

Still, would it be a fair price to pay for this Lp12 if I wanna make sure she's getting market price? After all, she's one of my best friend's mother.

And, do you guys think I could do better than this LP12 on the use market for 900$ ? I am open to suggestions. 



That's a very fair price.  No need to negotiate, just give her the $900 and everyone wins.  
Thank you guys for your comments. Seems the price is in the market's ballpark. ..

Now, any better option than this upgraded LP12 for 900$ or so?

I could stretch the budget a bit if needed assuming something else significantly better would be the way to go.

Any suggestions? 

If not, I might take the plundge and go LP12...

Thanks a lot for your help.


P.S. My phono preamp will be an Audiomat phono 1.6 (already bought it).

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I'm going to be very frank with you. If you don't buy it, you're nuts. If you pay less than what granny wants, you're a dick (particularly in view of circumstances). That TT is worth way the hell more than the price being asked. Just do it. It's a killer piece.

I would think the arm and cart alone are worth the price. As far as the LP12, it may require a tuneup as the LP12 does on occasion. But even with a good tune up, 900.00 is a very fair price for both of you. At her asking price if she sold here on Audiogon, she would have to package it properly and ship it. At 900.00 it goes bye bye and she is done, free to buy what ever she wants. If she doesn't have the original packing that can cost 75.00 shipped to her alone plus trying to make it all fit in the box. Good luck, the LP12 is a wonderful table set up properly and can be upgraded beyond most budgets. I sold mine and do miss the musical warmth it can deliver.
Thanks to all of you guys for the quick responses. It really seems like a  a "no brainer" kind of deal.

lindisfarne, the main purpose for asking those of you in the knows was exactly to avoid being "nuts" or a "dick" !!! ;-) Wanted a fair deal for both parties. Now, according to fellows comments, price seems to be very good but still fair.

Finally, the only remaining unanswered question is to know wheter or not I could get a better TT for this kind of money (or say up to 1100-1200$). If you gents could answer the latter, I'd be a very happy camper indeed.

Thanks in advance


Finally, the only remaining unanswered question is to know wheter or not I could get a better TT for this kind of money
Seem's your chances would be slim to nil and it's a local sale to boot.
Additionally you have the opportunity to inspect and likely play the Table.

In these situations best to strike while the opportunity is there.
You do realize what $900 gets you these day's?
Buy the lp12 and live with it for a while. If you don't like it, you can easily sell it and get your money back. This is a no risk deal. 
You do realize what $900 gets you these day's?

I don't think the OP does, that's why he is asking.  IMHO, the only tables that would come close would be a VPI HW-19MKIII or MKIV, with a half way decent arm or a Rega P7.  Those have been running around $1200 or so.

If it were me, I would buy the LP12.  They are a little difficult to setup and maintain, (yes, I've owned over a dozen different LP12s and setup probably 50-60 more, so I know them well).  You can get a taste for it and if you don't like it, can always sell it and not be out any money.  If you do like it,  they are pretty much infinitely upgradeable.
You could hold out and scour Audiogon day after day, week after week and month after month looking for that one GREAT DEAL.
Or you could buy the LP-12 and enjoy it. 
The choice is entirely yours.

At $900 , that is a very good deal. Is the Linn dealer that did the service/upgrades on the deck nearby? If it was me, I would have the deck checked over regardless of its' history. Great opportunity - jump ....
To all of you, thanks for chipping in and help me with your advices.

This upgraded LP12 seems like a "no-brainer" at this price and, at the end of the day, to represent  little to no risk at all.

Upgrades (cirkus and trampoline 2) were installed in 2015 at a local Linn dealer. I guess the table was checked at the same time but, regardless,  I will take Varyat advice and have the deck double checked prior to committing. 

If everything is fine (wich should be the case), I will offer the 900$ asked and take the plunge. 

Your advices were really helpful to me. I'd like to thank everyone who commented.

Sincere regards

Btw, are the SME Series III tonearm and AKG P8ES Supernova VDH2 S cartridge worth keeping for a starter like me ?
At this point there are some questions regarding the SME.
First is whether it has the Dampening Trough and the 3 paddels, this was an option on the series III and can be useful trying various compliance cartridges.

Second be aware that there was a 1st generation arm tube and a later version that varied both in length and head shell size, you need to use the appropriate specs for alignment. Black colour arm tube was the latest geometry.

Thirdly if the original SME cables are in use they were factory supplied with additional capacitance loading internally at the RCA terminals.

Have the shop inspect your AKG they might even know its age if they supplied it.

Glad you are taking the plunge marcandr! The LP12 is a special turntable. I hope you "get it " and enjoy the hell out of it- it is a very musical deck.
If you have a local Linn dealer ( HUGE bonus btw ), I would consider swapping out that AKG cartridge to a more modern design.  After a  while with the deck you may want to improve it a bit- your Linn dealer may be able to help you with a second hand Lingo PS and new arm. Keep an open mind- these changes do translate in real performance gains.One of the charms of the LP12 is that there are a lot of upgrades available which when taken to "Full Spec" will provide you with a truly excellent analog source. Have fun!

Be very careful moving the deck.  You don't want to have the parts move(spindle bottoming out; arm moving; springs violently being affected[the springs hold up the arm board and platter].  I would suggest you consider Mapleshade's maple board and rubber/cork/rubber footers as a minimum(under $100) stand under the table, unless the Trampolin is the metal one.  I base this last advice on results from an Ariston rd110 turntable, which was not set up correctly.
That is a screaming deal for that deck.   The Cirkus kit alone, if installed in 2015, cost almost $900.
That's a very fair price.  Frankly I think she could get more than that for it were she to list it here on Audiogon.  Snap it up if you've got the money and want a decent turntable.
My friend has an LP 12 from way back

Have it professionally set up when you get it home
consider appropriate isolation

you can upgrade the cartridge later as things evolve