Used Korean Speakers

Has anybody heard these famous Korean speakers? I don't know what kind of amps you would need, and the wife acceptance factor has to be very low, but I'm intrigued.
SERIOUSLY KDUDE66!  Don't you have any other words to say!  All I want to do is read the posts.  I swear all you know how to do is say one thing.  I GET IT!! YOU HATE TEKTON.  I don't need to hear it in every single post.  Your comments are not being constructive at all.

I don't even care that it is tekton. It could be (insert company here).  It is just the fact that you only seem to know how to type 1 thing.  I'm not a big poster. This is only my third post since reading audiogon for the past 10 years. 

Not sure how old you are, but my kids do this. Complain, and complain about the same thing. Anyone else tired of it.     Let us be more civil.
If you post a negative review of these, three security agents will visit your home, reposition the speakers, empty your fridge, and remove all of your fingernails.