used koetsu

Hi there all,
I have an opportunity to buy a used koetsu rosewood that needs a retip. Does anyone here have an idea what the retip costs, and what this cartridge might be worth?
Hi Byron, I recently looked into re-tipping my Onyx and it was about $2K, but it comes back in a nice wooden box!! :)
Apparently when they "re-tip" it, the only thing that's original is the case, everything else is replaced so its essentially a new unit. I compared it to Rick's Urushi, it has the Koetsu house sound - very lush and romantic, so I suspect the Rosewood would be similar.
Contact Melvin Ang - shoot me an email and I give you his contact info.

I was quoted $800 for a rosewood rebuild or $1200 for a rebuild and upgrade to rosewood signiture (that was about a year ago).

Took about 6 weeks or so.

I sold my oled Urushi to a friend who paid 300-400 dollars for the retip.I "think" it was "The Cartridge Man",in the UK,but lost touch with him,so cannot be sure.

Good luck
thanks guys...any ideas what a reasonable offer would be for a cartridge like that?
I am thinking ~350-400 - is that way out of line?