used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?

will be my first tube amp, any and all recommendations will be much appreciatedthanks in advance

My $0.02 worth: look on craigslist or hifishark for a used Harman Kardon A224 Trio integrated amp for approx. $300.  It's an EL84 unit made in the late 50s/early 60s and built like a tank.  Very colorful and snappy.  Have the caps replaces (all of them) for $150 and replace the tubes if necessary (maybe $75) and have a ball.  The most sound for the buck I have heard in these audio price-inflated times.
With Forte IIIs you can use anything from low wattage to whatever...If I didn't already own have a Dennis Had "Inspire Firebottle" single ended amp I'd seriously consider the Coincident Dynamo (nearly did when considering the Had amp, but was charmed by Had himself in a video, and the Firebottle was cheaper as a barely used 12wpc model). With a Schiit Freya this makes a combo that's hard to beat by any integrated...for something in the push-pull tube world I'd look at the new "Black Ice" stuff from re-named Jolida MD, as having owned a 502p amp I can vouch for their quality, and they're still relative bargains compared to other stuff out there.
Agree with Rob. A refurbished Scott 222C or D would fill the bill. This is the amp that several of the posters on the Klipsch forum use.
Look at used Cary Audio. Built well and excellent sound on their F1 mods or upgraded caps, Hexfreds, etc. There’s no need for complicated thoughts. Something that can be worked on and preferably from a company that’s still around like Cary Audio or Conrad Johnson.