used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?

will be my first tube amp, any and all recommendations will be much appreciatedthanks in advance

do I now understand you don't already own the speakers?

that room, only 10 feet wide, is not easy for any sound setup, the speakers are probably going to be in and stay in the corners.

Cornwalls are not near corner speakers. And too big to move around such a narrow room, especially with a piano between them.

For that room, I would go for primaries with limited bass extension, getting bass reinforcement from the corner placement, and, after much listening, if then desired, add a self powered sub. I would avoid ports or passive radiators also.

I mentioned my large speakers. TOOOOO much bass when in the corners. I need to move them out of the corners for listening, toe them in, and tilt them back slightly, They are well over 100 lbs, the Cornwalls are 98 lbs. I built a base to tilt them slightly, and conceal 3 large casters (2 in front, 1 in rear, 3 always level themselves without shims). Large casters, if you have wood floors, to avoid marks in the floor, any weight distributed by 3 is heavier per leg/support/spike than 4: pounds per square inch, or pounds per caster contact surface, or pounds per spike.
Absolutely no amp or any electronics on a speaker.

An amp on a piano upsets my interior designer sensibilities, but can be done.

speakers with strong bass, corner reinforcement, ports can/might get the piano strings vibrating, so 'never played' might end up not to be true., 
the speakers are here just not set up, I want to have all my gear ready before I go through the trouble of  moving the fortes, new rug install, possibly a second rug to replace another one in the room that my gf is concerned about "not" matching the new one, oh and apparently a new vacum for the new rugs also per the gf, lol
i purchased those fortes without much thought, very new to this whole thing
I've since begun to learn the beginnings of room acoustics and their importance to this equation

the rugs I can get easy from a number of online shops, i have my source, wiring, iso pucks, iso pads,  two aurulex great grammas if required

yes my first used tube amp being of the older variety will look kind of wierd on the piano for the time being
at this point I'm focused on getting the amp and will adjust things from there
there are a few pieces that occassionally show up used online that I would grab in an instant  but the prices seem to have gone up as mentioned previously, the Leben 300 xs is a good example of that as is the Audio Research vsi55 and the Line magnetic 518, I've seen all these listed at around $1500 US in the past, not so much nowadays

Don’t discount Decware amps. I am using a Torii II to drive my klipschorns and I find it to be a better amp for horns than my previous Line Magnetic 518. I also owned the Forte III and Cornwall IIs. Great speakers too.

A nicely restored Scott tube integrated. Still affordable (unlike vintage Marantz or McIntosh). I have two!