used Integrated tube amp under $1500 for Klipsch Cornwall III's?

will be my first tube amp, any and all recommendations will be much appreciatedthanks in advance


With that sensitivity it opens the doors to a whole lot of very nice sounding SET's. low power ones too.

friend has Le Scala's hooked to some 2wpc 45 tube based SET's they sound amazing he paid less then 1500 for his mono amps and a Decware pre. 

Another company to consider it Finale Audio -Triode labs out of Toronto Canada they make all their stull in north America too. I run one of their more expensive SET 300b based  offerings but they are wonderful sounding amps and have new in your price range.

That said I would also consider  Schitt audio maybe a Frays pre and an Ager 20wpc class A amp. bet that would  be a great pairing too and give you both SS and Tubes to play with.

After that i'm thinking vintage tube integrated with some upgrades.

You have a pretty large room (10x30) and you need an amp that can also control the large woofer.. not sure that I would start with a low power SET... I think a push-pull in the 15-20W range is a safer bet.. check out some of the online Klipsch Communities there is quite a bit of discussion related to appropriate amps for Cornwall III
thanks, these are great suggestions
this company offers both an set and push pull in my price range
Finale audio seems amazing also, their product line though at least at first glance seems super extensive and as such a little confusing and overwhelming
both of the above are within driving distance for me, I'll be reaching out, if they're agreeable might be worth my while to drag my speakers there
are used premium tube integrated amps in vogue at the moment?  when I search historical used listings from 2-3 years ago there seems to have been a ton of em at great prices from the big names, now I'm seeing crazy prices on the good stuff

another question please
can I place the amp on top of one of the speakers without running into any issues?  I would place an isolation pad between the amp and speakers
I'm trying to save space and skip an audio rack
I will have an upright piano between the speakers (never used) and my other option is to sit the amp on the piano, will still use an iso pad
My 1st question would be, what are you not liking about the Forte 111s ?, although, they are not optimum in corners because of the rear facing passives, so that could be it. If corner placement is desirable, get a pair of 2nd hand Lascalas, as they are in another league over both the Forte and Cornwall ( imo, ime ). Modifications galore for Lascala. Stay away from flea watt amps at this time ( 2-3 watts ), as you need damping to control those woofers ( any of them ). Have you heard a tube amp on the Fortes ? Why have a piano in between the speakers ? if ( 1 ), it is never used, and ( 2 ) you are needing space. BTW, I do not recommend corner placement, if you can help it. Enjoy the journey. MrD.