Used integrated amp/speaker combo for $1000

I am looking for recommendations on an integrated amplifier and speaker combination for use in a modest bedroom system - I already have source components. I am hoping to pay no more than $1000 for the combo on the used market. I have to admit I am not particularly familiar with equipment in this price range, so any thoughts you may have would be appreciated.

It will be used mainly for background music and the occasional DVD, not much if any concentrated music listening. High volume is also not a priority, as long as the combo is fairly dynamic. Give the aestetics of the room, I'd probably prefer monitors over floorstanders. Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.
I own JM Reynaud Trente speakers and love them. I understand the JM Reynaud Twins go well with NAD equipment which IMO would be a great choice for an amp so: JMR and NAD would be my acronyms of choice.
Meadowlark swifts used go for about $550-$600 (yes they are floor standers but you could get the monitor versions for even less).

Panasonic XR45 used for about $300.

I have the XR45 and my friend brought over his Swifts for a few days and it was a great combination.
In this price range I would say nad or rotel. You may want to look into Asian massmarket. Marantz and denon make fine integrated amplifiers. Don't shudder, this isn't rocket science and mass production has some benefits. As for speakers I think Canadian companies have good value. Paradigm, Energy, and PSB make fine speakers in this price range and for your application. You could almost get these new but could get the upper models used. A used nad or rotel and paradigm studio 20s would be a FINE "bedroom" system.