Used full-range speakers less than $1,500

I am looking for used full range speakers to work with a solid state amplifier. I am looking for speakers that present a well balanced sound not emphasizing the treible or bass, but very musical.

On my short list of models and manufactures:
Alon Lotus Elite
Nola Viper IIa
Gershman -maybe out of my price range
Sonus Faber- again maybe out of my price range
Avalon - same as above

i listen to a variety of music from A to Z. The room is not very large : 14 x 19 with carpeting and no other sound treatments

Looking for your assistance to help identify potential brands/models to look at.....
As is often recommended in this forum, I have to go with the PSB Stratus Goldi which can be easily had for <$750 (probably due to costly shipping because of their size). If you can find a pair locally, you should be able to get a great deal!

They are a 4 ohm load and require "healthy" power and current to get them on song - nothing ridiculous, but definitely over 100 wpc. An amp that delivers around 100 wpc into 8 ohms and doubles into 4 ohms would be a good choice.

I've had mine for a while now and can't see myself giving them up especially when I consider what I'd have to spend to surpass their performance - a boatload!!!

Good luck!
I like the Alon/Nola line up too. Maybe you should put Vandersteens on your list too.
Of course, everyone's ears are different. But, based on my own experience, and my own ears, I'd keep an eye out for a pair of Ohm Walsh speakers, the more recent, the better. The current model for a room your size would be the Walsh 1000, which sells new for about $2K, so if you can find them used, they ought to be in your range. IME (I own the Walsh 2000), they would fit your requirements as far as sound quality is concerned.