Used Floor Standers for around $1k

I'm setting up a new system and hoping to get some insight. The room is approx 30' x 15' with a vaulted ceiling, though the sitting portion of the room where most music listening will occur is probably a little over half of that. I have a limited budget.

looking for advice on used floor standers in the $1k ball park from this website. hoping to avoid a subwoofer. I don't have much time or ability to listen to examples in person. I'm fairly new to the high (mid) level audio equipment game. We will play it loud from time to time but I don't think that should be primary focus. So far, I've seen Monitor RX8, Tannoy Saturn S10 and Revel Concerta F-12's on here that look interesting. and from what I've read, the Goldenear Tritons are impressive, but probably out of my price range.

for amplification, i'm planning on a NAD D7050. I've been impressed with NAD and want DAC included and like the airplay option. I also have an unused NAD 2400 amp I can hook up if need more power, or I can swap in Peachtree 125 from another smaller room (which means I would need to find a replacement for that). want to keep things on the simpler side if possible.

Any thoughts or advice is appreciated. Thanks
check out some tekton designs speakers - new
"So far, I've seen Monitor RX8, Tannoy Saturn S10 and Revel Concerta F-12's on here that look interesting."

I had the RX8's and I thought they were a great, all around speaker. If you like the way they sound, they would be an excellent choice. I haven't heard the Tannoy, but I did audition the Revel. They were OK but I would still take the MA. Its a much more fun speaker to listen to. In this price range, my personal favourite is the Vandersteen Model 1. If you've never heard them, you may want to try and demo them as well.
The NAD D7050 is 50 wpc Class D into 8 ohms. But this digital amp provides more power than 50 watts Class A/B. IOW, you've got some power in your system, but due to the size of your room, try to find some efficient speakers. (even if your listening area is 15' x 20'). You'll need to take into account the impedance curve of the speaker, or to put it another way, are the speakers easy to drive and will your amp drive the bass well.
That is a BIG room ... personally I would look at something like a Klipsch Cornwall. They are dynamic enough to fill a room that size with sound and should not need a sub with proper/careful placement.

Not sure how they would sound with a digital amp like the NAD as they were designed in a period that preceded this type of amplifier

Good luck in your search!!

Klipsch Cornwall would be excellent.
NHT 2.9 or 3.3
Monitor Audio Goldi
There is a pair of Vandersteen 2's on here for $650. I had them years ago and I think they would fit the bill !
Von Schweikert VR-3 occasionally comes up for sale under $1000. It's full range and delivers bass with authority, and is easy to drive. You might like it.
GoldenEar Triton 7 will fill your room with ease and should fit your budget on the used market.
PSB Stratus Goldi. Come up on here used from time to time for under $1k. Great all around speaker for the price.