Used Dunlavy V's - what if they 'break'

Hi guys
i've been doing this hobby for 30 yrs, and a confirmed 'planar' person for nearly all of it. You name it, i've had it...and ususlly enjoyed it.
I had a chance to hear a pr of Dunlavy V's a year or so ago and was amazed at the sound. Granted the system preceeding the V's was extraordinary (Dynavector,Continuum, Boulder, MacIntosh), but i still came away in wonder at how a pair of dynamic speakers could be so coherent, transparent and life like. My speakers at that time (and until recently when my wife made it clear that they had to go to storage) was Infintity IRS V's. I love the IRS but i can't use them without adding a new room onto the house. so in substitution i am looking to buy a pr of used Dunlavy V's. Sorry for the long winded intro.

My question is what happens if you blow a driver? i know the drivers are still made but Dunlavy carefully selected each driver for each individual speaker and then custom tweaked the XO to totally optimize each individual speakers response. so i worry that just buying an off the shelf Vifa driver won't match the rest of a given speakers drivers without re-tweaking the XO values.
Didn't Dunlavy set aside spare drivers for each speaker he built (for each serial#)? if so does anyone know what happened to those componenets?

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this as i think the V's will be a great speaker to get me over the IRS blues.

WOW the Dunlavy V are WAF. I had issues with a now ex-girlfriend on the same speakers!
To your query. Madisound was the go too company for Dunlavy drivers but I believe they do not carry any replacements or just limited to certain drivers.
Unless the mids and woofers are completely blown apart, I would say they can be repaired and matched by several speaker suppliers.
The tweeter is most likely replaceable directly from the speaker manufacturer. A never ending supply of tweeters are available

You would have a more difficult time with Infinities as far as replacement mids and tweeters if something happened to them.
I have owned a pair of SC-Vs now for several years. I had one speaker go out and found an exact replacement at Madisound. It was really easy to replace and there was no degradation of the sound.

I am a believer in Dunalvy's approach to speaker design. I have had many other speakers, but none can compare to the holographic imaging that I have been able to achieve with the SC-Vs. I have no plans to ever replace these speakers.
I have no plans to ever replace these speakers.

Good for you! Great speakers - glad to see you have found bliss!
I replaced my Dunlavy V's with a pair of Soundlab A-1's. Different speakers but they also have many things in common.
For the Dunlavy's you'll need lots of space!

I had a pair of scIII's and blew a tweeter;madisound have replacements available;they also matched a pair of them for me at a small extra cost several years ago;great support.
if wouldn't worry too much about replacing drivers if necc. these are classics, even with a new driver.