Used DACs in the 10k range

I currently have a denafrips terminator and I definitely enjoy it in my system but I haven't compared many dacs (only other dac I heard in my system was the one in the HDV 820 when I was using my headphones). I was impressed with the rave reviews and bought it straight up but now I am wondering if its worth upgrading or not.
I am looking to spend around 10k ish for a used DAC that would be significantly  better than the Terminator.

Any suggestions?
Also any thoughts on the terminator itself. It has lots of positive reviews from outlets like audiobacon and darko, 6 mooons etc but it has very harsh criticism from places like SBAF. Would appreciate your thoughts.
My system: PC -> Roon -> Sotm sms 200 ultra (with sps500) -> audio sensibility signature usb cable -> sotm dx usb -> ss d110 aes cable -> terminator -> kimber cables xlr -> He9 -> yyw hifi xlr -> 4bsst dual bryston monoblocks -> qed xt 40 speaker cables -> paradigm signature s8 v2 + dual PSA V1800s [v1800s via svs soundpath rcas]
I would have to second the Chord Dave.

I had the good fortune to try one in my system ( before I went with my present super integrated)and it was sublime.

Cannot compare to the Terminator as have never heard one but it handily outperformed the Mytek Brooklyn in every area.

Could not bring myself to spend 10k on a DAC though.......
@hk_fan  is that a cd player?

@audiotroy  Thanks man. Zenith is fairly pricey and I already have a pretty well regarded network streamer SOTM 200 ultra which is powered by an SPS 500 to try and detach the audio from my pc (it plays through ethernet). Would you say this is still a far cry from a Zenith player instead?

My He9 seems like a pretty great preamp and a friend of mine who has heard much more expensive preamps says it hangs but I do in the future want to get something better.

In terms of my speakers that is the first upgrade I am looking to get. I actually got these Sig S8s only 1 year ago and paid only $2000 + rega rs7 speakers so pretty amazing deal. For the money I doubt I can get much better but for my next step I want something truly end game. So I am looking into the used market at around $50k. I have a thread on this actually ($50k used speakers that perform like $200k speakers lol).

I actually hear the persona 7F and was really impressive by their crystalline sound.

@cal18 Thanks heh, I'll think about that one, but doubt it would hold a candle to my current dac

@hgeifman  thats a great idea... how do you think it would compare to DAVE and Bricasti m1 se?
To add to other suggestions, most demos with expensive gear I’ve heard at shows has used dCS or totalDac. See if you can find any 2nd hand. MBL, Mark Levinson and Naim also has great dacs.
I would suggest that you evaluate one with a complete MQA decoder if you are a streaming person.  I am personally very  impressed with the SQ leaving all the other issues behind.  I am going to update my DAC and will not consider one without MQA.  Its the best sound I have heard.  Currently use a Naim and evaluated mqa with a Mytek Manhattan II and the latter is very good.  Looking to see if its worth going for the best at this point. Nothing wrong with the Mytek.
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