Used DAC or Used CD Player???

Any recommendations on whether to spend about $1500 on a used DAC such as Levinson 36, or just buy a used player like Rega Jupiter--or something like this?

My current player is a marantz cd-63SE, so this would be the transport. Amp is MF A3cr, Preamp is classe cp-35, speakers are platinum solos
Someone is selling a MSB Gold link with the P1000 power base for $750. Spend the other $750 on music.
I bought a used Theta DS Pro here for $250 and its pretty awesome. Digital gear can be had for 10 - 25% of retail in many cases so you can buy some things used and experiment and generally not lose any money. Good luck.
i love the jupiter, but i'd get the dac and buy some cd's.
I also have the MF A3cr and tried alot of DACS before finding the Muse 296. It runs $1250-$1500 used, but is absolutely wonderful.
I would get the Levinson 36 Very Good Sound
Go with the used DAC. I just purchased a Theta Pro Gen 5a
for $1,300, and it was worth every penny.
I have a CD67SE ... on its own it's not a very good transport since there is quite a lot of jitter on the digital out. So if you go the DAC route be sure to either buy a DAC which resamples and reclocks the data stream to remove jitter, or buy a Monarchy DIP or similar to reduce the jitter. I use a Monarchy audio 22A DAC and the DIP made more difference than the DAC on its own, indicating that the CD67/63 sound is more jitter limited than DAC or output stage limited.

In summary I think a CD63SE may not be capable of justifying a $1500 DAC. My DAC and DIP cost $350 together and made a good improvement over the CD67, but the CD67 is still the weak link.
I have a 63se which I combined with a Monarchy 18B and the 24/96 DIP. A great result for WELL under half of your budget of $1500. I agree with seandtaylor99, the DIP made the biggest improvement. You may consider replacing the captive power cord on the 63se with an IEC connector. I did, and the results with power cables have been great. Got it done by a qualified tech for around $50 U.S.

The Levinson is a great peice and for the price it will be vey hard to beat the sound. I would also replace the cd63 with a levinson 37 transport down the line but the cd63 will do fine until you get the 37 good luck
I wouldn't keep the Marantz. I have the same 63se. At least in my experience, the Marantz proved to be an average transport. For $1500, you can get a great CD player or trans/dac at used prices. Or, check out This Ric fellow is modifying dvda and sacd players.

Personally, I got the Alpha/Delta for about half your budget, and I am very happy.
I think my issue now is...I can get the monarchy 18B with the DIP for less than $500 total. Would this investment be worth it? Would this combo sound as good as the rega planet or jupiter or any other $1500 player??

I am trying to cheap out right now, and although i can spend $1500 in the future for something, I cannot spend that right now.

Should I wait to afford the new cd player for around $1500, or just spend the $500 now and suck it up for about 1.5 years till I can afford levinson separates?
The 18b and DIP will certainly be a MAJOR improvement over your CD63, particularly in imaging and definition. Since you have a preamp why get the Monarchy 18 (which includes preamp and volume) ? The model 22A and 22B is the same DAC (more or less) for about $100 less, without the preamp.

If you get a 22A/B/C plus a DIP and you buy both used the cost should be about $350-$400. This will be a great bang for the buck, and you'll lose no more than $100 on resale if you decide to go for a $1500+ player in the future.

BTW the guy I bought my 22A DAC from was using it with a Rega Planet as a transport and he said the 22A sounded better than the stock Rega planet.
Must've been a Planet 2000, 'cuz the Planet doesn't have digital outs.
I don't know which Planet it was ... that was all the seller told me. I've never heard a planet, though I own a Rega Planar 3 so I know rega is capable of making good stuff. Whether a Rega planet would sound better than a CD63 with DIP and monarchy 22 DAC I don't know (obviously since I haven't heard a planet).
However I do know that a 63 with a DIP and 22A DAC is very much better than a stock CD63, and rivals a Meridian one box player which I heard about 5 years ago in clarity, definition, stereo imaging etc etc.
I just wanted to make my position very clear so noone thinks I'm giving biased advice. FYI I use a Densen B100 amp and Spica Angelus speakers, so I have quite a revealing setup, though not an expensive system.
Hola: I would suggest to check out the new Channel Island VDA-1 DAc from Dusty Vawter. I use a MSB Link modified by CIA and with Monolithic Sound HC-2 external power supply. My audio buddy uses a CAL Dx-2 which he was intending to sell after hearing a Rega Planet 2000 and his player with my combo (also including a DIP 24/96). After several thoughts he ended ordering this under $400 dac and a Dip. He is very impressed with it's performance out of the box and incresing with every hour break-in it.

The total cost of both units are under $600 and new. The benefit is that you can have it on trial and if you are not convinced, just return them.

I haven't hear it yet but will do soon, so if I prefere it over my Link, you will see it on sale too.


Is there a website for the channel island gear???
Dan - head over to Harmonic Discord where you will find what you are looking for - they have a forum over there for Channel Island ...or
Thanks RGD. I finally found the website yesterday (I should have just read your post). Looks like a HECK of a product for an unbelievable price! I finally took the plunge and bought an MSB Link DAC III (with TONS of upgrades) that was posted here on the 'goN las night, but my buddy is also looking into a DAC and was considering the Perpetual Technologies or MSB products (possibly even the Birdland). I'll direct him to the forum to do some research, but it sure sounds like this might be a great way for him to go. He'd be using an old Micromega Stage 3 as a transport, so the extra jitter reduction that the CI product provides might be very useful indeed.

Thanks so much!