Used copies of The Cure “Bloodflowers” on vinyl @ $300+?

I really like the Cure and a few of their recordings are just great such as Disintegration or Live in Paris. I have Bloodflowers on CD and the songs are good. Unfortunately the recording is dark, bloated, as if heavy equalization has been preapplied. Is this what excessive compression amounts to? 

I downloaded another Cure album “4:13 Dream” from iTunes and the bad EQ/excessive compression is even worse. Sad really because both albums have pretty good songs. I can’t tell if the Cure have gone “heavy metal” or what the issue is. I just know that the newer digital releases from The Cure that I have run across have been borderline unlistenable. I really like the way that Robert Smith has remained true to himself as he has aged and the band continues to be great, I just wish that their older fans really need a non-EQ’D recording of some of their newer songs. 

So I thought, well maybe I can just pick up the vinyl version of Bloodflowers and I see that used copies start at $300 and go up from there? What’s up with that? Is it a proper recording of this material, not like the terrible sounding CD? 

If if there are any avid Cure fans out there who are also audiophiles - please drop me a few suggestions. To me, their entire discography would benefit from re-mastering and to be re-issued on audiophile vinyl. This is my wish anyway.
I just checked eBay and “4:13 Dream” on vinyl appears to be rare as well. I found a new copy listed for $123.19 and used copies at around $85 when you factor in shipping. How is this possible in the modern age from a band on a good record label who still tours occasionally and still has a strong fan base?
@masi61  - There are a few for sale on Discogs. Most of the sellers are in Europe. A couple in the US. Do you use Discogs? Sign up and put the LPs you want in your wishlist. You'll get e-mails when the ones on your wishlist are listed.
The Cure!,
my guilty pleasure!
 As a devout metalhead, listening to the cure would get me banned from the metal community.


 love the cure.

 Can not see dropping more than 10$ for anything the cures 
@reubent - I just looked it up on Discogs. The Polydor double LP that is for sale is listed at $399! I don’t get the sense that the vinyl version has any different SQ compared to the CD. I suspect the high selling price is more about rarity and collectibility for the groupies.

It mentions the Electra one from the US but none were available.

Discogs does seem seem like a great resource how it documents all the different versions of a recording that are available. I did not see however where there are any notes about recording quality or if it is with or without compression.

Thinking back, if I were to rate The Cure recordings that are most to my liking, some of their “MTV Unplugged” recordings come to mind. I really like the crowd noises on “Live in Paris”, I also like some of the 12” single remixes from Head On The Door.

But how BAD 4:13 Dream, and Bloodflowers are for that matter almost nesessitates some home remastering if the band themselves can’t help out their loyal fans. Check the 1 and 2 star reviews for these two albums on Amazon and it becomes apparent that these 2 albums recordings were some of the worst Cure titles sound quality wise. What a shame.

Ah, there was a time when, if someone asked me what I wanted to hear, sometimes my response would have been, "Anything by The Cure." I have multiple CDs and LPs, a 12-inch single of Fascination Street and the Blu-ray version of their concert video, Trilogy.

Interestingly enough, Bloodflowers is the most recent Cure music that I have.  Although there is later music that I like and will listen to.  For any hardcore Cure fans, there is a CD box set that is on my wish list.  It has B side and rarity songs.  It is a 2 or 3 disc set.

Ironic how many times the word "wish" was mentioned here. If you want some really good cure recordings on CD, here are my suggestions in no particular order:
Trilogy on blue-ray
The remastered Kiss me
The remastered Mixed up (disc one and 2 are insanely well recorded)
Galore (classics kicked up!)
The remastered Disintegration (though still kinda dark).
The remastered Pornography (though this sounds even darker).

Good luck, from a rabid cure fan.
Bloodflowers had a small run on vinyl henceforth the outrages price. 
Bloodflowers and Wish are on my wish list for Cure Vinyl but I'll wait for the re mastered vinyl. Hope it happens sooner than later.

Update on some Cure LP's on Vinyl.

1) Seventeen Seconds picture disc remastered and came out this last Record Store Day - really quite good! Or at least I am happy. The picture disc vinyl seems to make a "swoosh" sound between tracks which is a bit annoying but overall I think the album is musical and engaging.

2) Bloodflowers has also been reissued on picture disc. I purchased this one at the same time. It is a double album. I so far have auditioned the first of the two. Maybe not quite as impactful as 17 Seconds. I'm getting the same swishing sound and a mix of great detail that I don't remember hearing with the CD version but then I did think I heard just a hint of the same digital compression during the loudest/rowdiest passages.

I'm going to pick up the current re-issue of Disintegration and audition it as well. I can post back here my impressions (if anybody is interested).

Past impressions of ANY picture disc has not been good.
Just about the worst sonics I have heard when I compared to standard black vinyl copy.
So those picture disc reissue maybe as good as can be expected.
Good luck!
I did manage to get 2 copies of Bloodflowers Vinyl Picture discs on Record Day. Haven't played one copy yet.