Used contact cleaner on Nak BX-300; now broke


I had some crackling with the bias knob on my Nak BX-300 cassette deck. So I pulled off the knob and sprayed some "TV-Tuner/Control Cleaner & Lubricant" aka contact cleaner on it.

While I was there I sprayed some cleaner into the volume and recording levels and some in the pitch control.

Turned the deck on and now it's gone haywire. It acts like a deck that needs new belts; the unit refuses to rewind or fast forward. It also refuses to play. All lights work and the motors seem to be working. The belts were replaced a few months ago so that should not be an issue.

What do you guys think? Did I short this unit out or break it? How can I fix it?

PS The deck worked just fine before I sprayed cleaner in the knobs.
'lubricant"? the lubricant got on the pulleys. You would have to take the belts off, clean them, clean the pulleys to get the lubricant off.
Too much of a good thing is too much.
Actually even perhaps the reel hubs need to be cleaned too. As they also work by FRICTION. Friction is your friend in the world of tape deck belts and pulleys and tension devices.
It may or may not be fixable. You have a LOT of cleaning ahead of you to even start to try to 'fix' it..
I have a BX-300, great deck by the way..
It had drive functions fail some time back.. had to have the 'gear drive upgrade' performed by 'authorized service center'. Once this was done, everything worked fine again no problems. I would encourage you to get the gear drive upgrade fix done, if this is still available.
If you are saying that you did the spraying from in front of the front panel, with the knobs removed, I doubt that it would have accomplished anything anyway, in terms of improving control operation. You have to get the spray inside of the control, which usually means spraying it into an opening on the control that can only be accessed from inside. Some controls are fully sealed, in which case effective spraying is not possible, although sometimes just rapidly rotating the control back and forth a number of times can help somewhat.

-- Al
When it comes to cassette players, DIY doesn't cut it. Get
some professional help from someone who will check it out from top to bottom. Try to get an estimate first, it may be more cost-effective to buy a better model that has been
recently serviced. Random spraying in a cassette deck is an
understandable, but costly, mistake.
Thank you for the advice everyone!
I have not done anything to the deck yet. I thought I would let it sit overnight and see what happens.

So far the deck plays but it does so wobbly. The rewind does not work but it sounds like it wants to engage. The fast forward does work for a bit and then quits.

As the deck is playing, I noticed that dolby b & c work. The monitor button works. But the switches for 70μS/120μS and normal/chrome/metal are not working. So that might be where the problem lies. I'll blow it with some compressed air when I get home from work.

Tonykay- I hear you and agree. I just don't have the cash to have this thing serviced. I am fairly competent so I try to do most of the maintenance on my own. I admit like many others I might know enough to be dangerous but not enough to call myself a tech!