Used Classe cav 150 or new emotiva xpa 5 ?

price is about the same for both amps, classe is a 1 owner in good shape, emotiva is new, kind in a delema on this, opinions ?
The critical opinion in this case, is clearly yours. Which one sounds better to you? That is the one you should buy. With the usual caveats etc. etc.
From doing a quick google search I saw a fair amount of positive reviews of the Classe CAV 150. Is there any way you can audition it? Does it have a lot of hours on it? What gear are you going to use with it or the Emotiva XPA-5?

Emotiva does have the 30 day return policy on their products if you find you don't like the amp. Lots of XPA-5 owners are pretty happy with it though for HT. I own a UPA-7 and am very happy with it.