Used CDP under $1000?

I have been doing some searching for a used CD player. At this point, I have done some research and looked at many players from rega, musical fidelity, jolida, heart, AH!, rotel, cairn, etc. I listen to a real variety of music, jazz, some classical, acoustic, even some alternative rock and more. When really listening, I tend to listen to jazz or acoustic. I tend to like a detailed, smooth upper range but not a bright presentation, and a good low-end. At this point, a one box unit seems to fit my budget better than a transport/dac combo. I appreciate thoughts on anything that people feel will mate with my system. Thanks in advance!

preamp(s): Cary SLP 50b / EAR 834L (will keep just one)
Odyssey Stratus amp
Audio Physic Spark IIIs
Acoustic Zen Speaker Satori Speaker Cable
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference II IC
Chang Lightspeed 3200 conditioner
believe it or not but you less-likely find something better-sounding in the $1k range than used Theta Data II/EAD DSP7000 combo that now lists for about $700. Connect it with Canare pro-grade digital cable and wait till you get $3k for the next digital upgrade.
You can get a Jolida JD -100 player for less than $ 1000.00 NEW. This will probably beat anything that you can get used in this price range.
I agree with Marakanetz about the Theta. If you really want a one-box unit, you might be able to find a used Theta Miles for about $1000. Otherwise, Rotel 991ae, or a used Arcam.
Capaudio is right. The Jolida jd-100 is hard to beat for a balance of musicality and detail.
Second the above! The Jolida JD100A is an extra sweet player at ~$900 new, I haven't heard anything better under a grand, including seperate dac/transport combos. It sounds great with the Stratos too, helping to add meat to the midrange, yet doesn't emphasize the many flaws inherent in tubes the way that a tube preamp/amp most always do. Its not perfect, but for under a grand it may be as close as it gets. Very easy and fun to listen to, no major flaws that hold your attention, and build quality is quite good at the price. Personally, I feel used cd players and transports are a scary proposition, they are pretty frail/fragile things and are really the only item in a typical system the ever wears out, and as such, buying new with a warranty is good for peace of mind.
cal audio cl 15 or cl 20. with the cl 20 you get great dvd also and with either you save some cash.