used CDP recommendation for use as transport

I am looking for a secondhand CDP to buy in order to strip it down and use the parts in a diy system.
I need a unit with a digital coax output that I can then feed into a 1545 NOS DAC. I will then add a modded T-amp, and put it all in a single custom (homemade) housing
My budget for the CDP is probably up to £100 ($200), but I would rather spend less (the goal is to make a low cost - high end second system with some novelty value). I will be making some matching speaker cabinets for a pair of Fostex FE127E.
My main requirement is to have the best possible signal (for the price)from the digital out.
I also need a unit that has a cd drawer that can be opened and closed by the remote.
Current ideas: Marantx cd67/63 SE.
I welcome ideas and opinions.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Michael,

Love your guitar work. My regards to The Mechanics.

You might consider a DVD player as a good low-cost transport. I use the Oppo DV-970HD as a transport, and have done so in four rooms at two audio shows with (so far) no complaints. Nope I don't sell the little Oppo - wish I could!

I have been told that a DVD player makes a good transport because the digital signal is loaded into memory before it's output, which re-clocks it. I have no idea whether that's true or not, but it makes a good story.

The Oppo sells for $149 on my side of the pond.


Other than Duke's suggestion above, another cdp usable as transport is any Teac with "vrds" mechanism (you see this marketed on the front panel of their cdps. Most of their cdps have this, no sweat).

Either use their digital out or solder the output wires from I2S point inside the teac.

A final possibility is a "good" Sony. Sony provides excellent (relatively speaking) parts availability. What the mid-level Sony cdp doesn't provide is discreet and stabilised power supple to the transport. So you can diy that, and all will be well. Sony is more "punchy". Teac typically allows for slightly more extension at either end of the scale.
Thanks for your ideas.
The Oppo looks interesting - they have recently begun importing them into the UK.
A Sony unit is of interest also ( I am happy to install a quality PSU), however there are dozens of models to choose from.
How can I tell which ones are suitable for use as a good quality transport? Is there a rule of thumb about original cost perhaps?
Best wishes.
Any model that uses their "cdm-14" or higher. As you say, many models around -- 300/330/90/900/ etc. Sorry I can;t be more specific.

As a transport mechanism, however, the Teac is probably a slightly better tool. They're rugged but don't offer spare parts (i.e. the laser)
I used the Marantz SA8260 as a transport for about a year, and it was amazingly good.
Although I have tried the Oppo 871 on both a Monica 2 and the Paradisea, I didn't like it's PRAT. The notes tended to decay too quickly- didn't draw me in. I have yet to beat my US$40 Cyber Home CH DVD 300 purchased at Best Buy in the states.
see if you can pick up a used Sony DVP-S7700 dvd player. Solid built and has a good transport.
I used it to feed a Bel Canto DAC2 and it was really nice.