Used CDP $1k better than Apollo

I realize this may be too soon to ask but, I take a stab. Are there any players in the $1k range used that best the Rega Apollo?
This may be an odd question, but you seem to like the Apollo quite a bit, why don't you just buy that one?
I am ready to purchase the Apollo in the next couple of days and was trying to insure that I haven't over looked a great used player in the $1k range. You are probably right though. I should just buy the Apollo and not look back.
You might want to look at the Quad 99CPD 2!
I've had experience with the Planet 2000, and if the Apollo is as good as they say it is (I have not heard it) I wouldn't think twice for around a grand. If you do pick one up, let me know what you think of it.
Yea...let us all know your opinion if you don't mind.