Used carts for trial MM/ one?

Nice to be reading this again!

Just getting to the point of unpacking the table after a year of renovations on the old place I bought.

I got a turn of the century train station in southern rural Virginia with 12 foot ceilings and 12X12 chestnut beams under it.
I have been looking forward to setting up the LP12 for a long time, but JUST got to the point where it could be done.

Upon unpacking it, I find the XTZ has breathed its last. It is "locked up" (had I known, I would not have bought the stylus).

Anyone have a useable MM or hi-MC around they could spare for me to try?

My budget is dead and buried from the house, so I cannot make a mistake. I still run my GFP-565 and cannot afford to buy anything else in that department, but would greatly appreciate anything you have to tell me about the new carts in the last couple of years.

I loved the Grados image and dynamics, but it caused my Tabs to flutter pretty regularly and could be nastily sibilant. (Lyle Lovett "friend of the devil" from Deadicated.)

Since the last time I opened this can of worms, I ended up re-doing my XTZ, I would be very interested to hear what you guys suggest this time around.

Anyone have a spare or mostly worn MM around they would part with cheap or a version of cart you would suggest that you have hanging around for a poor vinyl junkie to try? My two copies of Amused To Death have not seen stylus in 18 months. I am going through withdrawals here!!

How about the best thing I could get for 100 or less??

(Yes I am that broke)

It is good to be back!!
I have an Sumiko Alchemist HO MC cart that has been sitting unused for quite some time. If that floats your boat, you can give it a spin and if it works, we can work something out. Email me direct off-thread for details.
I give up. How did the XTC stylus get "locked up?"

(I.e., what are you talking about?)
I dont know what happened to it. It will not move anymore.

It sounds like the record is being played with a chunk of cardboard over the speaker.

I checked it (inputs) and they are fine.
Wiring is good.

Inside the cart just, done.
That's the weirdest thing I ever heard of. Is the diamond still in place on the cantilever?
Dont have a microscope, but nothing happened to it that I know of. It never got taken out of the arm and the thing was packed bomb proof and rode in my car with me, not the truck.

From looking at it with a magnifying glass, it looks just like it always did.

The left side is a bit better than the right, but it makes the Tabs sound like they are blown.

Inputs on the pre are fine...tested it with my old technics I used for 78's.

?? I dunno. ??

If someone has ideas??.let me know.??
Do you have the tool with which to remove the stylus assembly from the cartridge body? I've got an old MCZ stylus (and the tool) if you'd like to try them. in your Grado body. I just can't believe there's anything wrong with the cart body assuming you didn't subject it to superhot temperature or crush it or something else extraordinary. Dave
I would love to try it out!

I don't have the tool.

As it never left the arm, the arm never left the table...I don't think anything happened to it.
It sat here in the living room or on the kitchen table, in its box, the whole time. It never got any hotter than normal weather as it relates to my home.

I would give it a shot for sure! Thanks!