Used cables $1k - SF Amati and Bel Canto RF1000??

I've a $1k budget for used 1m XLR interconnect and 3 or 4m speaker cables.
Currently fighting brightness with temp Supra EFF-I interconnect and Canare 4S11 speaker cables.
Any suggestions for a warm, rich and full sound without losing too much space, air and accuracy?

Thanks, as always...
Tara Labs Quantum interconnects and Tara Labs Space and Time w/TFA Return speaker cables.
Gabriel Gold products have served me well
I have good luck with my Synergistic Teslas (XLR) between my Pass XP 10 and my Ref1000Mk2. Cardas Golden Ref work well too for me. I think the Teslas give a little more oomph and open the sound up a bit more.
That would be Purist Audio, of course, though $1k might not quite cut it. Some would say Jade Audio too, I guess.
Just want to say that when it comes to balanced IC's be sure to take it real slow. There's a lot more disparity in performance among single-ended IC's than balanced (exactly why I've never found a satisfactory answer). My point is you may be able to find extremely suitable balanced IC's at big savings...the loaner cables available from most of the used cable websites may be worth their weight in gold here.
Agreed. The fact that you need balanced cables both simplifies and complicates the matter. But speaker cables are going to cost you in any case. However, why don't you try first DiMarzio Super M-Path speaker cables? They are close in character to Purist and would cost you about $600 new. Read couple of threads about them here. I personally don't use them, I use Purist Colossus, but if I were in your situation I would certainly try them and some used Purist.
I hate to sound negative, but I can't think of a more foolish way to go about fixing your problem. Trying to fix a problem with cables is like buying an EQ with one setting and you don't know what the setting is until you actually try it. I would suggest going a different route to fix this problem. I know this sounds crazy, and that most audiophiles wouldn't even consider doing something this foolish, and would even fight me every step of the way; but if it was my system, I would find out what is causing the brightness in the system and fix that, as opposed to buying random cables.
Just curious, what speakers are you currently using?
All things considered, I actually tend to agree with what Jkj25 is saying. If you do indeed have a considerable frequency response problem, then cables are likely not the best solution. That's partly because cables very generally fall into one of 2 camps, or somewhere inbetween: those that have sparkle, air, dynamics, extension, openness and transparency, or, those that have rich harmonics, tone and somewhat rolled-off highs, but typically at the expense of the positive traits of cables that belong in the first group. Also, it may be time, as Jkj is suggesting, to review more closely your source/preamp/amp/speaker chain to look for any possible Ohm's-law violations. Even if everything should check out, you may still need to consider and investigate things like room accoustics and/or power conditioning. But, unearthing the real cause whatever it may be would indeed be the better fix.
Hello Leeage, While I loved the Bel Canto amps, they rung my ears listening for long periods of time.

Using copper speaker cables, Reality Cables, worked the best for me. Also used Analysis Plus crystal copper interconnect in front of amp.
I tend to agree with Jkj25. I've used both the Supra and Canare cables and neither are bright; the Supra I remember being extremely neutral, in fact.

Have you experimented with speaker toe-in? You may need less.

What's your source? If persisting with cable experiments, going from single-ended to balanced is not a bad idea. Perhaps you also want to look into power cords as well, to which some Class D amps are quite sensitive. Kimber PowerKords are good.
Have you tried toeing your speakers in or out or setting them up in any configuration that might work where the tweeters are not firing directly at you? That should reduce any hotness in the top end.

For example, I have BC ref1000m amps running Dynaudio and OHM Walsh speakers.

I like listening at decent volume regularly and the Dyns, which totally live up to their name, can be a touch too hot in my main 12X12 listening room with tweeters firing directly at me.

I use an asymetrical wide speaker setup with each just a couple feet from sidewall, a few feet from rear and tweeters firing well wide of my prime listening spot. The sound is magnificent and most absorbing this way not only in terms of frequency balance but soundstage and imaging as well. Don't be afraid of trying less conventional setups, even assymetrical ones, if they might work in your room. Speaker orientation and position can make a huge difference. I'd look at that first before changing anything else.

Also I would mention that I find the BC amps to be more relaxed in the top end than most other amps I have used in the same setup.
I'm using my win7 laptop directly into a Bel Canto Dac3, via the Supra into the Ref100's and now have Harmonic Technology Pro11 speaker cables which helped.
I'm considering changing DAC and/or amp as I belive the previsou posters commnets that it's a deeper issue here. Idid try some BelCanto sourced Cardas which sounded a litle better.
I auditioned Classe, Modwright and Levinson and still found each a little too bright. The Levsinon 532H was best overall with a nice blend of transparency and weight but stillleft me feeling like a little more natural warmth was missing.
Do I need to try Pass Labs or Mac???
Thanks all.