Used B&W matching on uber-budget system

I'm slowly scrapping together a *very* modest system, and could use a tip or two on speaker selection. I'm currently running some old B&W DM302's as my mains, and a B&W CC3 for my center channel.

I'd like to move the 302's to the back surrounds, and get another set of small and affordable (used) B&W for my front channels, something that will blend well with the CC3 which I'd prefer not to have to replace. I was thinking DM305's, but I don't see them up for auction very often here or on ebay. I was thinking maybe a pair of DM601's, 602's, or something of the like since I see more of them available used. Would something like the DM602 S2's blend ok with the CC3? Or would the CC3 just get overpowered?

I'm definitely trying to stay with something smallish, and let the Hsu STF-2 subwoofer I'm about to order handle the lower frequencies. Any tips as to some good old B&W's that would be an upgrade from the 302's, yet still work well with the CC3?
The 603 S3/2 would be the best choice of readily available B&W speakers in this range, going down to the 602.5 or the 602s. As for the center channel becoming overpowered, I don't think you are going to run into this too much. Since this sound like an HT system set-up, you are going to have to adjust the balance/output of the changed speaker arrangement anyway and can tune this to your preference. From a music perspective (unless you are using your proecessor to run multi-channel with the center channel engaged), I think you will get better performance with these B&W models. Additionally, you should be able to buy these models at fairly good prices as it is not too hard to find new B&W speakers discounted and there always seems to be a lot of used ones available with so many dealers everywhere.
Yes I agree with Ckoffend. The DM603's, DM602's and even the DM601's would be great choices to work with the other B&W's that you have. I have the DM603 S3's (for well over one year now) as my mains and they still never cease to amaze me especially when I'm playing an HDCD. They're no longer manufactured but you should be able to find them preowned either on this site or at any reputable B&W dealer where someone traded up. I also have the DM601's in another smaller 2 ch system and they too are fantastic. I love that B&W sound. MMMMM so good.
I just saw a pair of B&W DM602-S2's for sale on this site. It's in the speaker-monitor link and several pages in. The pair is selling for $350.00 obo. They look in excellent shape but read the description. They're a couple of small issues. Good luck.
Thanks for all the tips folks, I really appreciate it.
I have DM603-S2s and CC3, no problem with movies. For music, I mostly use 2-channel with the 603s, but I didn't notice any serious mismatch issue with the CC3 during the few times I've dabbled with SACD and DVD-Audio multi-channel.
This is both a HT and music system. I run it 5.1, but I do use stereo only for music generally, plus the subwoofer. My Hsu VTF-1 arrives next week, can't wait.

I think based on this feedback I'll probably be hunting for some 602 S2 or S3's, but I really need a decent receiver first I think. So much to buy...
By the way, WWW.AUDIOVIDEOLOGIC.COM has the B&W LCR 600 center channel speaker on sale at 40% off, that is reportedly $299. They also have two of the larger 600 Series main speakers on sale for at least 30% off (of course this is off new price). Also, available only via walk-in vs. the net. So this should give you some idea as to the values used on B&W speakers in this range.
I'm afraid I'll have to wait on the upgrades to the main speakers for the moment, found out that my 'el cheapo sony receiver had a hard wired sub crossover set at 150Hz, so I had to move up my receiver replacement plans before my Hsu VTF-1 gets here next week. Just bought a Onkyo TX-SR606 receiver cheap on ebay, should be good enough for my setup for a few years.

Thanks for the heads up though...
I am a newbie to Audiogon so please forgive me if this should be posted to a new thread. I am in a position similar to Dakster but I am starting with a pair of mint DM22s (circa 1981). I am trying to figure out whether to use them as rears with other B&W l/c/r and a sub (Hsu, SVS, AV123) or look for more DM22s for all speakers. They are tough to find in good shape. I too will be relying on a Onkyo 606 receiver and a tight budget. (Not to mention WAF and small kids).

All opinions on a center channel and how to best deploy the DM22s on a very limited budget are welcome. . .thanks in advance!
How do you like the onkyo 606? I snagged a used one on ebay for $335, it comes Wednesday, I can't wait :)

I might have to stick with the DM302's as mains for a while, I'm starting to get some heavy protesting from the little woman about all the new stuff showing up in the living room heh...
The Onkyo is in my future as well. I am surprised a used 606 has shown up already given that they were relatively recently released (alot of alliteration).
Yeah, I jumped on that the second I saw it. I was very surprised one popped up there, and doubly surprised it went as cheap as it did. Hopefully the seller was telling the truth that it's in good shape :)