used b&w 703's vs. demo 804S's HELP

ok... in great shape 703's for about $1,000 or demo 804S's with full 5 year warentee from the day i buy them for $3,500. mostly used for home theater but some two channel. in a room about 25' by 25'. thoughts?????
Go with the 703's. I heard them side by side and thought the 804's were a touch better. Definitely not 2500.00 better.
Also to let you know and adding to Lewinskiho1...buying speakers of this caliper will require some additional $$$$ in the power and other electronic dept. These two mate in order for everything to work in harmony or close to your satisfaction of harmony. So buying a set of $5k speakers will pave the way for $5- $8k or more in electronics (amp, preamp, processor, CD/bluray/dvd player, interconnects, speaker wire, power cords. And thats just for the audio side of things and could go up or down $$$$, but obiviously we all know the more up $$$ does bring benefits. If you cheat your speakers with equipment you are cheating yourself on the joy they will bring you IMHO. Plus you are looking into a home theater possiblity in your previous posts and that equates into more speakers with a minimum of 5 needed which should mate with your particular room, amperage and configuration, plus a subwoofer..whew!!!
804's are not a little better they are MILES better.
They are THE little bargain in used B&W's right now and with the right amp are superb.
got the 804s's and a brand new htm4s's!!!!!!! they look amazing. one of the 804s's.... has a small dent like sractch on the back and side.... but hey i can't see it. i got them all for 3800 out the door with a full five year warentee from yesterday. how did i do??????
Congrats !!!! Now the hunt for an amp and processor...Rotel mates well with B&W...I would search for a Surround processor that has Pre-outs to go into your amp.. I would suggest a 3 to 5 channel power amp (200wpc min) to run your new speakers...Those 804's will love the added juice that most Surround Sound Processers do not produce. A Rotel RMB 1095 would be sufficient and if you wanted to Bi-Wire them and a Rotel RSX 1560 to be your processor with HDMI. You would be very happy with that combo. I would suggest Canare 4S11 speaker cables for your three speakers. Check out Blue Jeans Cable and they will custom make you bi-wire speaker cables to the length you need in either banana plug or spade ends.