used b&w 703's vs. demo 804S's HELP

ok... in great shape 703's for about $1,000 or demo 804S's with full 5 year warentee from the day i buy them for $3,500. mostly used for home theater but some two channel. in a room about 25' by 25'. thoughts?????
Go with the 703's. I heard them side by side and thought the 804's were a touch better. Definitely not 2500.00 better.
The 804S sold for $4K retail 5 years ago...For $3500 I would say not, but they are good speakers..I would hold out for the other 800 series you are looking for as you will score a pair of 801 or 802's for $5k and its worth every penny. Don't waste your time with the 703's, your room is too big...
I agree with Shakedown, and would also want you to think about accompanying electronics. Better speakers are likely to push you to better electronics you'll end up spending more there too.

My experience: I had B&W CM4 with Rotel RB1080 and sounded good to me. Replaced the CM4 with 804S and after a while started hating it. 804S were much more revealing, letting me appreciate the weaknesses of the amp. Ended up with a McIntosh MC275. Great combination, but much more expensive too! Then the preamp had to go...Lamm LL2 came get the picture!

Also, larger B&Ws are known for "opening up" with very large amps. Very large + very good quality = very expensive, generally. Take it into consideration if you opt for an 803D or 802.

I'm by no means trying to disuade you from going down the better speaker option. I did take that route, but you should know the probable side effects!

My two cents.
Also to let you know and adding to Lewinskiho1...buying speakers of this caliper will require some additional $$$$ in the power and other electronic dept. These two mate in order for everything to work in harmony or close to your satisfaction of harmony. So buying a set of $5k speakers will pave the way for $5- $8k or more in electronics (amp, preamp, processor, CD/bluray/dvd player, interconnects, speaker wire, power cords. And thats just for the audio side of things and could go up or down $$$$, but obiviously we all know the more up $$$ does bring benefits. If you cheat your speakers with equipment you are cheating yourself on the joy they will bring you IMHO. Plus you are looking into a home theater possiblity in your previous posts and that equates into more speakers with a minimum of 5 needed which should mate with your particular room, amperage and configuration, plus a subwoofer..whew!!!
804's are not a little better they are MILES better.
They are THE little bargain in used B&W's right now and with the right amp are superb.
got the 804s's and a brand new htm4s's!!!!!!! they look amazing. one of the 804s's.... has a small dent like sractch on the back and side.... but hey i can't see it. i got them all for 3800 out the door with a full five year warentee from yesterday. how did i do??????
Congrats !!!! Now the hunt for an amp and processor...Rotel mates well with B&W...I would search for a Surround processor that has Pre-outs to go into your amp.. I would suggest a 3 to 5 channel power amp (200wpc min) to run your new speakers...Those 804's will love the added juice that most Surround Sound Processers do not produce. A Rotel RMB 1095 would be sufficient and if you wanted to Bi-Wire them and a Rotel RSX 1560 to be your processor with HDMI. You would be very happy with that combo. I would suggest Canare 4S11 speaker cables for your three speakers. Check out Blue Jeans Cable and they will custom make you bi-wire speaker cables to the length you need in either banana plug or spade ends.
Congrats Baranowski! I do love my 804S, but didn't want to appear pushy.

With all due respect, I disagree with Shakedown. Rotels go very well with some B&W, but to my ears not with 804S. You can dig my posts from the past here where I went into more detail than my post here above.

McIntosh, Classe, Levinson, Rowland are generally well received with B&W 800-series. I tried Classe, McIntosh SS & tubes, and preferred tubes. Also, speaker cables make a difference...lot's of different ways to spend more money!!

Enjoy your speakers, get to know them and don't rush.

Congrats again!
doing home theater with these.... i am posting for suggestions in the home theater forum.... check it out and give me your ideas..... thanks
I too agree with Lewinskih, but with caution and additional expense. As my suggestion was purely introductary to the new purchase of your speakers and would be pleasant for home theater use as well as music. As mentioned above in my post...the more $$$$ the better the sound...My suggestions of amp, processor and cables would be in the $3,000 range out the door, while the suggestions of Lewinskih would start at $3,000 used and would be more geared towards the musical side of the spectrum and less for home theater use.

But these are your decisions to make on the path of your enjoyement and as Lewiinskhi said...enjoy your speakers and get to know them...your ears will be delighted from here on out...Congrats again
what ya think.... cd1 for rears or 703's?..... would i get really any benefit from floor sanders for rear surround????? are asking at a 2-channel my take is no, you won't. Save that money and spend it on better amp for the L&R. Surprise!!