Used Audio Analogue, Wadia

I'm considering an Audio Analogue Maestro or a Wadia 830 to upgrade from my Rega Planet 2000. Lately, I've seen them both for around $1,600 used.

My all Acoustat system: TNP preamp, TNT Trans Nova 120 amp and Spectra 33's.

Any other suggestions in the $1,500 - $2,000 range?

very nice system. if you like the planet, you may want to consider the all honesty, your planet is nearly as good as the others you've named, and you get to keep your money.
Thanks, Jaybo. Actually, I was considering the Saturn as well. Is the Saturn one of the best in that price range?

like the planet, it plays well beyond its pricerange. the rega line is very 'natural' sounding....should only make your already great system that much better,