Used Apollo just as transport? Comparisons?

Anybody used the Rega Apollo just as a transport? How does it compare to other transports or to CD players used purely as transports?
Yes, I've had one for a few years now. Started using it as a full player, then with assorted DACs. It works very well as a transport. It sounded better as a transport than my old Rotel 971, which had an improved power supply and low-jitter clock. But it wasn't as good sonically as an old (stock) PS Audio Lambda transport.
I recently upgraded the clock & power supply on both machines. The Lambda is off the charts sonically, with the Rega a fairly close 2nd as a transport. But now the Rega as a full player, sounds as good as any Lambda/Dac combo I have compared it to (admittedly not many DACS).
Hope this helps.