Used Amp Under $1000

Howdy y’all. After perusing this and USAM forums I’ve identified a handful of amps that seem pretty good. I’ll be using this amp with a McCormick TLC-1 Pre and Magnepan MG1’s. Please tell me your thoughts on which I should buy, why and what I might have overlooked.

Conrad Johnson MF 2100 $575.00
Classe CA-101 $750.00
Audio Alchemy ELAC DPA-1 $795.00
Classe CA-100 $550.00
Sonic Frontiers Power 1, Tube $850.00
McCormack DNA-1 $750.00
Emerald Physics 100.2 $600.00
DNA-1, hands down the best sounding amp on the list. Which I know having had one. And which you probably know, having the McCormack pre amp. Although to be honest I never heard the pre by itself, just assume the same sonic priorities come through. Which if they do, it is hard to find a better sound stage, or more natural detail free of grain and glare, and the ever elusive toe-tapping musicality or emotional appeal. The only solid state amp I heard that could give a good tube amp a run for its money. Which is the only reason I sold mine, not that the tube integrated I got was much better- it was, but by hair-splittingly small margins- but because it was an integrated, so saved me a pre, interconnect, power cord.

Not that the others are bad. Some on the list are pretty good. But not quite DNA good.
For those speakers McCormack or Classe
I’m not familiar with the Emerald Physics, but of the others, the CJ and McCormack are the most neutral, smooth yet detailed performers. Also,  they are hard to find, but I'd recommend a Muse One Hundred Sixty.  Excellent for the buck. 

Why not try a new Schiit Vidar at $699 it will drive them no problems at 200w into 4ohms, which the Maggies are, and may sound better than the ones you mentioned, and you can trial it for 15 days.

Cheers George
Odyssey Khartago $995 new. 
I second the Vidar.  Used one while my Sunfire was being rebuilt to power my 3.5s.  Sounded great, but wished for more power, but I am in a large room, like to turn it up, and was pushing larger speakers than the MG1.  
I have not heard the Vidar, but it is getting a lot of positive press. It is also new, with a trial period. I love trial periods. I have owned a few McCormacks, as I am a fan of Steve's work. In my experience, however, amplifiers of his, 20 years and older, normally require rebuilds, which takes money. This is just my take on it, but obviously, others here disagree, which is ok. Enjoy ! MrD.
It appears the particular DNA1, as you selected above, has been overhauled, so, imo, you are good to go. Odyssey, although excellent, is a very warm sounding amp, if you like that. The CJ as well. The particular Classe has less " balls ", or " oompf ". Not a tube fan, with maggies, and not a Class D fan, at least not those above. Too bad you cannot hear them all, as you are getting opinions, mine included, as to what each of us likes. But for me, the Vidar or the DNA 1. Enjoy ! MrD.
What about a YAMAHA MX1000u or any Sony ES.

overbuilt, massive power, quiet, bulletproof.

And yam has the 80’s synth style led VU meters. Sick!
Unfortunately, the Japanese use speaker switching, which limits current and adds some noise. Internally bypass the speaker switching, change out the speaker output jacks to better ones, and replace the stock power cord with a beefier, heavier gauge one, and you have taken the amp to another level in SQ. Any technician should be able to do this. If you think these amps sound good now ?
Mr decibel not sure what you mean.
Mx1000u is very quiet and strong...

Power output: 260 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.003%

Damping factor: 130

Input sensitivity: 1.62V

Signal to noise ratio: 126dB