Used Adcom Gfp -565 Good deal

I just Bought an Adcom GFP- 565 for under 400 mint used. Good Deal???
IMHO, yes. It's an excellent pre-amp for under $400. The unit is dead quiet - and I mean quiet! It has an excellent phono preamp as well (Not sure if you are into analog, I am.) I think you made an excellent choice as it's tough to beat for the money. It's very open and musical. Are there better preamps out there? Of course, but for less than $400 I doubt it. I am actually going to be replacing it with a GFP-750, but as you can see there is a big price difference between these. My ONLY complaint is the lack of a remote. Good luck with it!
racer--i purchased a 565/555II combo in about 1991 on the basis of a review by gary galo in stereophile. he likened it to the sp10 arc, he was wrong. its good enough, i paid the $800 minus 20%. subliminally i felt that something was missing though i couldnt put my finger on it. then one day i was in the right place at the right time and came home with an sp3a-1 arc for $160. of course i wasted no time hooking it up and voila! everything opened up dynamically and spatially. the 565 is a good item, i liked being able to play one thing and record another. the multitude of inputs and dual outputs are a benefit too. for $400 it is just fine, but putting tubes in the front end, ss at the amp is a good idea i think. my friend uses a counterpoint sa3000 pre and an adcom 5800 to drive his ML requests. ive been warned aboout the adcom ML combo as being too bright by a ML dealer who also sells adcom. he also sells classe and mc intosh. i suppose i would recommend against the 1000 dollar amp if i sold $3k amps too. right now im having the arc restored and im not hurt by the adcom sound.
tommy is right! somethings missing maybe too quiet? ok,if you are at full volume.mine has been sitin on the shelf for 2 years.i am using my cd direct into the adcom amp.liked the golen tube pre w/adcom.
hey fellas, i see that some out there talk about the 565 having a mc input. or? whre is it or how do i activate it, it doesnt appear in the manual that i could find. did i miss sonething? im gonna feel pretty stuuuuupid if i did. comeon, make me feel stupid. i just wanna hear my oc9 without a lot of noise. my ortofon too, reeeel low putout doncha think?