Used Acoustat 2+2 recommendations?

Hello all,

I'm always looking to upgrade my HT/ music system on a budget. I keep looking around for a deal on a set of speakers or amps to see how I can upgrade my current setup. I'm not averse to buying a good set of speakers and keeping them around while I save up some money to buy amps that will drive them well.

My current setup is: Integra DTR6.5 with the Boston Acoustics VR-950 as front left and right. The 2+2s would replace the VR-950.

My source right now is not the best, but I plan on getting the Oppo BDP-105 and obviously use the dedicated stereo outs for music. Already saved up money for this player.

I see someone locally selling their stock 2+2. It does not have the medallion upgrade. Seems to be in good condition. What is a reasonable price for these things? $500? $1000? Would I better served to look at newer (still used) speakers?

I'm not looking for a shrill/ bright sound. I fatigue very easily, so I generally prefer a warmer sound.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Acoustats are known to be hard on amplifiers and I am not sure your HT amp will be suitable. Many amplifiers have been damaged trying to drive Acoustat speakers. So many amplifiers were damaged Acoustat designed their own amp.
Understood. I guess I wasn't clear enough. I do plan on buying separate amps anyway. If I buy these speakers, I'll make sure that they will be able to drive the 2+2s.