Used 750-1000 CD Player Advise

I am looking for some suggestions on a CD Player upgrade. I�m not interested at this time in SACD or a combo DVD. I also don�t want to go with separate transport / DAC as space is an issue. I am currently using a 10-year-old Sony ES 5 disc changer. Multi disc capacity is not a requirement any longer. I listen to various types of music from Rock to Jazz to Blues to Country. I don�t really care for a laid back sound and the speakers, to me are already a little soft on the upper end. Any Thoughts?

Associated Equipment:

Amps = Llano A-300 Monos
Preamp = SF Line 1
Interconnects = HT Pro Silway
Speaker Cable = AZ Satori
Speakers = VMPS ST\R

Thanks for the help!
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Maybe look into Rega stuff. Denon made the 1650 AR that was an excellent player, you can pick it up used for about $450. Hope this helps
Try Arcam-- I like Rega a lot but it seems like Arcam's sound will fit your system and tastes better.
Another suggestion....Audio Refinement by YBA. I was always impressed with the build quality of the components in this entry level series. And it also has digital output (RCA's) so you can always upgrade your D/A converter (since the digital "wars" a Redbook 48 kHz D/A converter can be had for "short money". The CD player should only be $600- or LESS on the used market. Happy Tunes!
The Rega is nice. For under $700 the Rotel RCD-991; if your're lucky the rare Rotel RCD-990 for $1K. For under $500 the Rotel RCD-971 has the same dual dacs as the 990/991. A Creek or Arcam would fit nice in there also.
Thanks all for the input. Would the gain in sound quality be worth increasing my budget to $1250 or so.
If you can stretch it a little, definitely look into a Theta Miles- not as good as the 2k players but better than the budget stuff, overall an excellent unit at very good prices lately.
I would go with a good used transport and a used Theta Pro Basic IIIa. Sound is excellent for the price you can get them for.
If you strech your budget to $1200-$1300 you ought to be able to find a used Muse Model 9. This player is in a whole different class from the other units mentioned. The Muse digital gear is amazing and you should definitely give it a listen.
I agree about the Muse, didn't know they had gotten that cheap!
Look for a PD-93 Pioneer Elite. World class CD player. I cannot say enough good things about it. The construction makes most new CD, SACD, DVD players look like toys! And the sound it breath-taking!
Try a used Meridian 508-20. Should be around $1000 on the used market. You will forget about a Rega, Rotel and the Audio Refinement after hearing this player. Very, very close to the sound of the 508-24. Some people actually prefer this player to the 508-24.
Thank you all, I appreciate all the help and suggestions. How would you compare the Theta Miles, Muse Model 9, SF CD1 and the AR CD-1. These are the choices I am now considering due to budget. I have read so many discussions in the forums now I think I'm dizzy.