Used 3 channel Amp recommendation for 500-600

I've got a new speaker system from RBH Sound on the way--their Signature Series T1 & T2P (brand new model) that was shown at WCES in January. These are large, full range speakers with a 4 Ohm impedance that tend to like warmer amps. Each T1 is composed of 4 6.5" aluminum drivers and 3 Silk-Dome Tweeters and can take 500 watts. The T2's that are my front left and right mains are basically a T1 stacked on top of a 1010-SEN (dual 10" subwoofer).

I've currently got a Luxman receiver rated at 105wattsx5 that I will be using temporarily until I can afford a new processor. I'm looking for a used 3 channel amp to power the front sound stage with. Eventually I'll want 4 more channels of amplification for 4 66SE dipolar speakers used for side and rear surrounds.

I've heard the system on a B&K 7250 and it sounded nice. I'm debating on whether I should buy a 4 year old Adcom 5503 for $500-600 to hold me over until I can afford something like a B&K 7270 coupled with a B&K Reference 30 Processor or something similiar like a Rotel 1095, etc.

This amp will be used for both Music and Home Theater use. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,

PS: Does this site have a search capability?
For $400 to 450+ used how about the Acurus A100X3 ?? For $550 to 600+ there is the A200X3

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Given your parameters you might want to search for McCormack's 3-channel amp(HT3?). It might be a little more than you're looking to spend, but given its smooth performance it may match up very well with your RBHs. If you like it you always have the option later of having Steve McCormack perform one of his famous Revision upgrades, which will make it into a killer of an amp. Best of luck and congrats on the new speakers.

In this price range noone can touch the Acurus line (100X3 or 200X3). Your shopping list just became very short.
I agree with Kgb540 here. At this price range the Acurus is very hard to beat.
RBH makes great sounding speaks. I am currently trying to decide which pair best suits my needs, after listening to various pairs at my local dealer.
The set you are getting are going to need some serious quality amplification. IMO you will want to bi-amp eventually to get the most out of them (T1&2). I would look for a used, very high current, 4-ohm stable 2-channel initially (adcom would work, used Rotel 1090 would be better) and look to find the highest quality amp you can afford to run the top end in the future.
A freind of mine is ordering the same set (T1&2) and he plans on using a Sunfire 400watt multichannel amp to drive his system with surrounds. Not the best choice economically IMO, but he wants to use only 1 amp and can get great prices because he is a stereo sales rep.
the acurus can't be described as a 'warm' amp, if that's what you're looking for. i've owned both acurus and chiro amps - still have a chiro c-500 - and find it to be a warm, powerful, detailed amp. the c-300 should be available in your range. company out of business, so amps are affordable. great value per dollar.

Theres a chiro 300 used on audiogon right now for 650 rated a 9/10. I also feel that might be a better choice for your price range.