Used 2200 speakers as good as 6000 spks new ??

Need input and opinion about stretching my speaker budget. I want to get something better than the $2600 B&W's I had for ten years, but don't want to spend $5000-6000 for a new speaker(even with some discount) Please advise. Thanks Jimbo
What B&Ws do you have? A used pair of Matrix 802 Series 3, are very nice for under $2000 used.
I got my pair of 802 series 3's for only $1300. Best purchase I ever made.
Look at a pair of Hales Revelation 3s or 5s listed now on Audiogon. They are 2-2500 uses but were 5-6000 new. Hales went out of business last year but these are regarded as some of the best speakers ever made. Or, score a pair of Merlin VSMs. Audio Physic Virgos will also kick ass.
Have fun