Used, $1500 and not Oppo...

I'm going to need a new CD player (and not interested in streaming) in the near future. I already have an Oppo BDP-95 (that will stay in my HT) and although it sounds good, it's kind of boring... just something about it that robs the music of the emotion. Also have an analog rig, so that's kind of my reference.

So, what would you buy for $1500 used that is not an Oppo?
I'd buy a NEW Sony SCD-5400ES for $1500 - long break in time, but well worth the wait. They are available at the Sony on-line store if you have trouble locating a dealer with stock.

Having owned both the Oppo 95 and Modwright-modified Oppo 105, I would get the Oppo you own modified by Modwright. Either that or get a used Denon, modified by either Modwright or Exemplar. I believe the used, modified option would allow you to find something excellent for maybe well under $1500.
If you can tweak your budget a little higher,I have seen used Cary 306 SACD go in the $2000+ range.
That is what I am using for serious 2 channel listening.
My Oppo 95 is used just for Movies.
I'm planning to use the Oppo in my HT for movies. It's really a great BR player, but I'm not sold on the 2-ch. Modifying it won't be an option.
Lexicon RT 20
I would not waste my money on a used CD player only. I would get something that has a DAC like the Oppo but better for 2 channel. Most HE CD/SACD players are coming out with DACs included like Cary, Esoteric and DCS. Used Esoteric units and others will be showing up here on AudiogoN in the near future so I would wait if I were you.
Got a MHDT Havana Balanced and OMG! This thing is amazing. It's the first time I've heard digital sound this pure. Live records sound, well, live! And this is with the Oppo as a transport (which will change when I find something suitable). I have lots of CDs and not nearly as many LP's but I tend to pick the same records all the time... That will change!
Marantz..Marantz..Marantz...very emotional organic, warm quality with outstanding dynamics and detail. You can pick up a used Reference model for $1500.00. Much better sounding than Oppo. Don't get mods! Just get the Marantz...Music Direct online currently has a used demo of the Marantz Reference SA-15S2 in mint condition for $1599 which is the KI-Pearl without the copper shield on the transformer. They might let it go for $1500.00. Great staff to work with.
I neglected to mention that Music Direct provides fuse rolling services and will switch out the fuses with HiFi Tuning fuses in the Marantz for you prior to shipping at extra cost which will improve an already outstanding player.
Thanks Audiozen. I've decided to go a different route altogether. MHDT Havana Balanced and CEC TL1 transport