Use Your Own Ears

I've been an audiophile for 20+ years and have owned everything from Klipsch to Wilson Audio. My most recent system consisted of Densen electronics and Wilson Audio Sashas. Despite having what is considered a good set-up, something was wrong and I couldn't put my finger on it. I recently decided to get a new modest system to utilize with my television. I purchased a Peachtree Audio 220 amp and Nova preamp, NAD 565bee CD Player, and Revel F52 speakers. To my surprise and delight I enjoy the Revel system more than any other system I've owned. I've listened to many speakers over the years,Rockport, older Magico's,just to name a few and have always stayed with Wilson...until now! Despite what I've been told, there is something about the Revels that makes me just enjoy listening to music. My point is to help everyone and tell all of you to just trust your own ears. Forget price! I submit the other system does somethings better; however I enjoy music more on the modest system and now I truly understand what this hobby is all about. It's not the price we pay for equipment, but the music! How stupid have I been...for the first time I'm listening to music and not the equipment!

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There's no way other than to be candid when giving your opinion, when asked.
I've been told by someone I trust that my system had too much high end energy and he was right. It just took someone else's ears to set me straight. For a moment, it stung, but both of them said the same thing and recommended some fixes and before you knew it, we were on to solving the problem. In fact, it led to what I have now and I'm all the better for it.

As to Ricred1's point, I concur and wish that I could have gotten what I now have at the start of this and saved a bunch of money. But then it wouldn't have been a hobby, just a wise and rewarding purchase. :-)

We should all be so lucky.

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I thought great beef, not audio, came from Kobe. Could it be that whatever they put in the beef made it's way down to the audio chain? (I forget just where they plant it)

Also, if I undue the top button, will the blood flow increase to my skull, preventing me from almost passing out every time I bend over to put in another CD?