Use VPI Record cleaning brush ? How much liquid ?


Does anybody use the stock VPI record cleaning brush that comes with the cleaning machine ? I never have, and have always used the MFSL/Music Direct brushes with the microfiber type pad. I think Disc Doctor makes something similar.

The VPI brush looks kind of rough, though I doubt they would provide it if it was dangerous to use on vinyl. Just curious of others experience with it vs. others. I currently use it to clean off the platter on the cleaning machine.

Also, and I suppose this is hard to describe, but "how" wet do you get the record with solution ? How much solution do you use ?

Wayne, today I do as you and use the Disc Doctor (or Music Direct) fiber pad brushes with much better results than the built-in VPI 17 brush. When I have used the VPI 17 brush, I pumped out enough fluid to full wet the surface ahead of the brush and then lightly tap out a bit more during the first revolution so the brush is always pushing a little wave of fluid in front of it. Over 15 years of use, I never had a problem with the brush causing any damage to an LP (over a few thousand LPs), but I never let it rotate dry on an LP, either.
I have the 16.5, and obviously manually add solution. The few times I did use the VPI brush, it does seem you have to wet the record much more vs. the Music Direct type which only seem to get the record so wet, and the brush holds a lot of solution. I often wondered if I could be using to LITTLE solution ?
Waynefia, my exprerience is that I used a lot more fluid for the same cleaning results when using the VPI 17's built-in brush than I do now applying the fluid to the DD type pads and then applying the wet pads to the LP. With the DD type pad, and applying the fluids to the pad not directly onto the LP, I'm making much more economical use of the cleaning fluid for superior results. As to using too little solution, when using the DD type pads, my experience is that as long as I reasonably saturate the pad the fluid amount applied seems to work out pretty well for me. With the VPI 17's brush, I was always concerned to have plenty of fluid on the LP when those vinyl bristles started their trek around the grooves, so I may have just used fluid more than necessary in that combination.
I have the 16.5 and use the Disc Doc and I also use a nitty Gritty when an album seems to need a second cycle.
i have a 16.5. and use the VPI brush, as a rule i squirt about a 50 cent piece size of fluid.... be generous. and on the dirty ones let the fluid sit for a sec ..... the brush seems abraisive, but it is not.. cheers