Use RCA or Digital Output on CD to Processor

I have a Rotel 991-AE Cd player that has both digital coax and analog RCA outputs. My preamp/processor is a Rotel RSP-1068.

If I use the analog RCA outputs it is my understanding that the DACs inside the 991-AE are used and if I use the digital coax output, the DACs inside the 1068 are used.

Considering this what will produce the best sound from the CD player....using the analog or digital outputs. BTW, I am currently using the digital output using an Audioquest VDM-5 digital cable.

Thanks in advance.
Experiment - see if you can tell the difference - and use what sounds better to you. I doubt if I could tell the difference but I have tin ears...

..just make sure to precisely level match the sound otherwise the ever so slightly louder signal will sound best.